Kicked in the blogs

Well it’s been a busy week – and a noticeably darker and colder one at that.

However as always my focus has (whenever possible) been on eating healthy meals and making sure that I get a good level of exercise into my day.

I’ll be honest though – on the latter topic this has been much more of a challenge than usual.

Even the camera on my phone was shivering when I walked home this afternoon in the fading light.

I’m wearing four layers here, comprising of a tee-shirt, a polo shirt, a thick jumper and a bulky fleece.

Out of shot I’m also hiding my toes in thermal socks and hands in winter gloves.

I know I’ve mentioned being cold a few times in recent posts – but honestly I’m not used to this s&&t.

I’ve been hot and sweaty in all weathers for so long that I’ve zero experience of dealing with feeling this way. Not so long ago I’d have been out in a short sleeved shirt and hardly blinked if it was snowing.

I’m not joking. I’ve done just that. Many times.

I’m totally blown away by the lengths I’ve had to go to in the evenings too. I’ve resorted to ‘full hoodie mode’ in bed every night for the last four days.

As I type I’m still layered up and sitting under a duvet.

Admittedly though I’m trying at the same time to economise on heating while I have no visitors – so I’m very much aware that this is fast becoming a battle of wills between me and the forces of nature.

Anyone planning to visit me in the near future (particularly any random vegans) can rest assured that their appearance will coincide with me cranking up my boiler and going tropical for the duration of their stay.

The dark evenings have therefore been a tough sell and partially because of this I’ve been walking slightly less than I have in previous weeks.

However – I’m probably being too hard on myself because ‘slightly less’ means that I’ve still ended each day with a pretty respectable average of 8.5 miles in the bag. This also comprises of around 120 minutes of cardio – so I’m by no means turning into a couch potato.

I have however been sitting a lot more than usual. For around 8 hours a day as it happens – because this week I’ve been back in employment.

I’ve secured (thanks to a very kind person) a full time temp role to keep me busy and stem the arterial haemorrhaging that was going on in my savings account.

This so far appears to be quite a nice job with lovely people in a pretty relaxed environment with an attitude to time flexibility that I’ve not encountered before.

Although generally I’m expected to be at work I can also take time off with very short notice (although I’ve yet to test the reality of this) meaning that long walks or exploring from time to time is still an option.

It’s a Mon-Fri role as well meaning that it won’t screw over my beloved Slimming World meetings on a Saturday like my last one threatened to do one week in three.

Sadly though it has kicked me where it hurts.

Right in the blogs.

When the summer was here and it was warm and light finishing at normal office hours would have meant that there was LOADS of day left to play with and tons that I could do and write about.

Now the clocks have changed everywhere is dark, badly lit, cold and not a nice place to be on my own – so the evenings have been spent mostly indoors – which doesn’t make for great reading in my view.

If I’m honest this has left me feeling like I’m missing out on things a bit – but truthfully that’s heavily outweighed by a sudden end to my ever growing worries about money – so for the time being it’s a worthwhile compromise.

(I hope my readers will also enjoy a brief respite from my endless daily prattle whilst I replenish my accounts.)

It’s also a fun job in many ways – and is something I’ve never done before, which in itself is quite a delight. A complete change of industry brings new challenges, perspectives and also the potential for new paths should I decide that I like it enough.

For the moment though I still want my focus to be primarily health and my fitness. The most important thing in my life is getting to and remaining at target. This job seems to make that possible whilst I earn money and still gives me the possibility of free time to pursue other things too.

So – hopefully my weight is still going to carry on going down. I’ve been careful to plan ahead and I’ve either had a slow cooker meal ready for when I get home – or food in the fridge that’s on plan and quick to prepare.

It’s therefore been a week of delicious warming stews and hearty salads – and (although I’ve not been precisely counting everything) each day should sit around the 1900-2000 kcal mark and has had a large amount of speed food and the appropriate amount of free items too.

I’m never sure what this all means though – and I’m cautious about feeling confident or worried.

Instead I’m going to trust that things will sort themselves out over time and that if tomorrow isn’t what I want then the week after everything will come good.

I’m taking each blip or falter with my eating – regardless of what it is these days as continuing education for what I hope will be a lifelong obsession with weight maintenance.

I feel I need to slowly wean myself off the highs (and lows) associated with losing (or putting on) weight every week.

Getting certificates and stickers as pats on the head is wonderful motivation – but it’s going to be gone soon and I do worry a little about how that will make me feel.

From here on Internet I am going to try and focus on the psychology of being happy with slowly diminishing ‘progress’ and instead get used to whatever my new normal looks like.

It’s probably chilly though. I know that much already.



  1. First of all: congrats on the new temp job! 😀 It’s great to read that you are actually enjoying it.

    It’s been absolutely freezing here as well. My hoodie and blanket are my best friends during winter. However, the days growing darker actually makes me happy: if you look up you can sometimes see the stars without being out late and night. And more importantly…. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! As I love Christmas this has been putting me in a really good mood haha. 🙂 So why not find a way to make the cold enjoyable to yourself. Bring coffee and go star gazing? Soon you will be able to walk around and see the Christmas decorations (did I mention I like Christmas? lol).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha – as always your infectious positivity makes me smile 😀

      You have a point – and maybe I need to invest in some seriously hardcore thermal gear to make going out more enjoyable. At the moment I just can’t seem to get warm! Well – at least for the first mile anyway lol

      How was your visit to the UK? Did it go well?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah thermo underwear is definately a good idea. They should be on sale about now, so it might be a good idea to look around for a good deal :).

        Newcastle was wonderful. Really enjoyed it there. Will be posting a blog on it soon with pictures 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Woo yay for heating! Of course I only mean it’s good that my presence may make you treat yourself to an extra bit of warmth!

    As for when you’re out and about have you thought about a proper thermal base layer? You can’t pick them up very cheaply from Amazon or eBay.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have actually – although I’ve been trying to hold out so i get something that won’t be too loose when i get to target. In my head I’m thinking if I start buying stuff later i won’t end up buying it twice – but that kind of attitude doesn’t make me any warmer lol 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. So true, the rate you’re going it would not surprise me if you had a trouser incident (as in having them fall down unexpectedly 😂)

        Liked by 1 person

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