Progress indicators 

I was up and out early this morning and it was a beautiful time of day for a walk. The summer is definitely a distant memory now. 

There was frost everywhere, freezing all the autumn leaves to the floor in the shape of a giant orange and slippery carpet. 

As nice as a layer of ice can look on fields in bright sunlight though the cold that accompanies it doesn’t feel all that great on my hands and feet. They’ve never been so cold as they were this morning. 

I rarely seem to be able to go too far these days without my gloves or thermal socks and although I don’t miss all the fat i used to carry around it did admittedly have some uses. 

Being cold’s not a bad thing though. It’s a sign of progress and it’s not the only one either. 

Yesterday – after ignoring it for too long – I (sharp intake of breath) tidied up my dining room

It’s been a mess and shockingly unloved for a while. My rather nice Ikea dining table has been a dumping ground for laundry and letters for months – and since I’ve no-one to sit and discuss things with over dinner I’ve just let the situation continue and gone out for a walk instead of dealing with it. 

Frankly it’s been quite low on my list of priorities. However something in me snapped just after lunchtime on Sunday and instead of going to the park with a coffee I decided to bring order to chaos.  

Since a lot of the clutter was clothing I resolved to be brutal and start bagging up things that no longer fit me properly to take to charity. 

It soon became apparent that this category seems to encompass a significant amount of my clothing. 

Whilst I’m not complaining in the least about fitting into smaller clothes I’ve been taken completely by surprise at how quickly I’ve moved from 3XL shirts down to XL. 

2XL shirts that I bought not that long ago – and expected to last a few months at least now seem ridiculously baggy around my stomach all of a sudden. 

This was always my problem area in the past – and while most things always fitted my shoulders and arms well – it was my midriff spread that caused buttons and seams to stretch in a very unappealing way. 

For a while I thought Bimuno Powder would fix this – as it felt like there was some kind of ‘blockage’. I took it for around a month and then discontinued it to see whether there was a difference with how I felt taking it every day compared to how I felt without it. 

Shortly after I stopped things seemed to sort themselves out of their own accord and my constipated feeling was replaced with a (ahem) sense of reliable regularity. 

It could have been the powder or it could have been coincidental – who knows?

Either way this had a big impact on my shape. 

Not all that long ago (in early August) I was really pleased with this suit jacket photo. I’d bought it for a job interview and the buttons just about did up snugly around my waist. 

It was a big improvement and at that time I was really pleased about how far I’d moved between January and August 2017. 

Quite without warning, between around early September and now (when I last put it on) I seem to have lost around 3-4 inches from the upper part of my belly and it’s now hanging off me. 

On the plus side I’m losing weight (yay! ☺️) but on the down side I no longer have my super smart jacket (booooo! ☹️)

Still – there are way worse problems to be faced with. 

Rather than worrying about being too huge to find clothes (which used to be the case as the 8XL I started at was the largest available from specialist retailers) I’m now faced with trying on new cheap stuff in supermarkets and charity shops – and finding bargains that will possibly look WAY better than what I already had.  

My cold hands are also not a major issue and are nothing that carrying a hot flask of coffee whilst wearing thicker gloves won’t fix. They are in fact a badge of honour rather than the brand of shame that an inability to walk from A to B in any weather used to be. 

So internet – I’ll view these issues as what they are. They’re progress indicators and I’m proud of them. 



  1. Ik have also noticed I get cold waayy more easily now a days. But nothing a good sweater cannot fix. Still on the hunt for a really nice thick one. Currently for women the oversized, baggy boyfriend fit is in right now… And when I wear that I look like a little girl walking around in my dad’s sweater, rather than my boyfriend’s haha. XD

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