Eighteen stone certificate

Part of me wants to get a pair of ladders, climb up the front of my house, stand on my chimney and then scream out loud from the rooftop.

This part of my personality (the part without vertigo) wants everyone in earshot to know that today I picked up not only the Slimmer of the Week award and was crowned Mr Sleek 2017 for my group, but that I also lost an extremely surprising, but very gratifying six and a half pounds!!!

This means I’ve passed yet another milestone that I thought I’d never reach.

I have now lost a mind boggling EIGHTEEN STONE!


Although I don’t normally add photos of people today I’m making an exception (with her kind permission) and I am pictured with the fabulous Miss Slinky 2017 – who (after exactly one year of Slimming World) is now a target member at my group.

I’m sure you’ll agree she’s looking absolutely fabulous!

Shockingly I’m now not that far behind her too – and since my (somewhat tentative) target is set for 15 stone I’m now less than a stone and a half away from my goal.

I was beginning to think that my SW Christmas bauble wish (to be under sixteen stone) wouldn’t come true (link) as things were slowing down for a while – but this just proves to me yet again that gradual progress and persistence is everything when it comes to weight loss.

Although last week saw ‘only’ a half a pound come off on the scales, this week I kept plugging away at things and it has definitely paid off.


Once again – looking at progress overall since April 2016, some weeks have been a bit slower – and at times I’ve even gone backwards a bit – but in the great scheme of things the blips don’t matter.

The trick is to just keep chipping a bit more of the marble away until finally you’re left with the sculpture that always existed beneath.

When I look at graphs like this and the history of my losses (and maintains or gains) all it says to me is that at any point in the last 18 months I could have said ‘screw it’ and started backsliding, but I didn’t.

The result is that I’m now within touching distance of my goal weight – and even if I decide to go lower still (which I probably will) then reaching that weight is also a matter of WHEN and not IF.

I WILL get there internet – and frankly I don’t care anymore whether it’s fast or slow. I’m just going to keep on keeping on.








  1. Congratulations Mr Marvelous! That’s got a much better ring to it than Mr Sleek I think 😜

    How about you hire one of those aeroplanes with a banner trailing behind? That way you don’t have to worry about vertigo!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. FAN-TASTIC!! What an amazing milestone. Massive congratulations – it’s a truly phenomenal achievement, and puts your ultimate goal (which must, some time ago, have seemed like an impossible one) very easily within your reach. Keep on keeping on – you’re an inspiration to so many, Davey. x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Jools 😘

      It’s amazing – but t only seems like five minutes since I started and I’m at eighteen stone. It’s mind boggling to me now that I had all that (and more) to lose!

      I spent some time going through my wardrobe yesterday and there’s a LOT of stuff folded up in black bags now!

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