Satsuma sky 

Today the light is decidedly odd. I’m not sure that I’ve ever been out and about on a day where everything has seemed so… opressively orange before. 

Whilst walking along the canal today an old man leaned over the rail on his barge and beckoned me to look at his iPhone. 

He showed me a picture of the sun – which until then I’d not noticed had a tangerine hue and corona surrounding it. 

We stood looking at it for a moment and then he showed me the picture again – clearly impressed at the sight of it, and furthermore that his phone had actually captured it. 

Oddly the day didn’t start out like this. It looked maybe a little overcast – but nothing out of the ordinary to begin with. 

Prior to the oddly coloured sky as I walked along the canal everything seemed pretty normal – with ducks, swans, coots, moor hens, squirrels, sheep and really friendly horses – one of whom always comes up for a sniff and a nose stroke when I pass. 

As I sit now in the window of the Hatton Arms after the first leg of my walk the light is still filled with this almost other-worldly quality and everything looks subtly different to the way it normally does. 

Life appears to have a ‘warm’ photo filter pre applied to it, and it’s dark enough at midday for cars to be passing with their lights on. 

Whilst waking I’ve been considering the suggestions of a (highly valued) friend and reader today – who wondered whether the time might be nigh to return to my couch to 5K efforts  (or other things) from a few months ago. 

At the time I was around the 21st mark – and despite it being a difficult pill to swallow I took the advice of several well meaning friends to discontinue what I was doing in case I injured myself and de-railed my overall progress. 

It was hard to take their advice the way it was intended at the time – because it had taken a lot for me to even try to jog in public. I felt (quite wrongly) that they had no idea how hard it had been for me to take this step – and yet they wanted me to stop when I was so close to a new milestone. 

At that moment however I wasn’t really thinking too much about the physical impact that running might have and more about the fact that it would be really cool to say that I could do it. 

However (maybe somewhat paradoxically) now I’m around 4 stone lighter I’m less interested in trying it again than I was before. 

I guess it’s because in the time following me postponing my running aspirations I’ve been reminded that one of the reasons I walk so much (although it’s far from the only one) is that it’s my new social tool. 

My diary these days is usually filled with regular walking buddies – and also some that aren’t so regular – but that I enjoy seeing just as much. 

Twalking is a way of meeting people and getting to know them intimately that I’ve become very addicted to. 

The chats we have during long strolls are often very personal and always thought provoking – and it occurs to me that running (or cycling) probably wouldn’t be quite the same. 

Whilst I’m highly likely to try running again (and it’s probably not that far in the future) it would definitely be for different reasons – and at the moment what I’m doing is making me feel both centred and happy. 

If there’s one thing I don’t do anymore though it’s say ‘absolutely not’. I don’t know how I’ll feel further down the line as the weight continues to drop off. 

There’s also the question of what goals I adopt to keep me motivated when I reach target. Will they be related to continually improving my fitness or something else entirely? 

Who knows?…

For the moment though I have coffee and that makes me happy enough. 

Today I’ve walked from Warwick to Hatton and from there back to Leamington. Shortly I’m going to make my way home from the town centre and then get ready for my final local motivational speaking session. 

There’s a lot on my mind at the moment (in a good way) and I’m trying to remember all the things that I want to say. Hopefully I can pull together all the disparate thoughts and responses to questions I’ve had so far and make the last session one that people will really like. 

In the meantime #onplanoctober continues – and if I haven’t driven you away with two whole weeks of what I’ve been eating and doing for exercise so far then have no fear. 

You’re going to get another two weeks of it so there’s plenty of time to do a runner and unsubscribe from my stream of daily drivel!

Sunday 15th

  •  240g Tesco Everyday value sliced chicken tikka 288
  • 500g tangy apples 280
  • 500g Aldi Slim Free Three Bean And Vegetable Chilli 293
  • Aldi microwave basmati rice (2syns) 366
  • 100g blueberries 43
  • 250g natural yogurt 154
  • 100g Strawberries 33
  • Jar of pickled onions 72
  • 1kg carrots 420

Total calories consumed 1949


  • Active/total calories burned 1231/3871
  • Cardio minutes 77
  • Steps/miles walked 21,716/10.76

Finally – I saw something purple on the way home yesterday – and in the light it not only looked stunningly lovely but reminded me of another purple themed person who always seems to be thinking of others – yet (I suspect) often forgets that she inspires other people (me included) to love themselves and live better lives. 

I took this picture for her. 

She should print it out and stick it on her fridge 😉



  1. I went for a nap today and when I woke up the world had turned sepia! It was eerie, but also quite cool. Turns out it’s a cloud of dust whipped up from the Sahara. And that it can happen and we can find out these things is ALSO very cool!

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  2. I really glad that you feel less pressured go take up running. Honestly, you should take it up, because you like it. I personally really want to take up running again, but my body is forcing me to take baby steps. 🙂 So the best advice I can give is: just do you. Stick with the type of exercise you enjoy and your body responds well to.

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