New and shiny

One of the consequences of doing all of the walking that I do is that I tend to get through a lot of shoes. 

I’ve learned (particularly in the last year) that footwear is something that’s a difficult balancing act to pull off between quality and cost. If you skimp on the price purely because you set an arbitrary ceiling on what you will or won’t spend then you may well up with blisters and crappy shoes. 

In more extreme instances it could also result in something like shin splints and plantar heel. I know from experience that if these are pre-existing conditions then you ignore them at your peril. 

Although I wasn’t planning to buy any boots yesterday I received an unexpected text from a friend. 

She had purchased something new and shiny and wanted the share her joy that (a) they were super pretty and (b) that they cost a mere 25% of their original price. 

Although I couldn’t see myself wearing them (I’m veh veh partial to my Jimmy Choo’s dah-links!) it did mean one thing. 

She’s my frugal buddy. 

We share money saving tips all the time. She (like myself) would remain undamaged in even the most violent sandstorm if she found herself re-incarnated as a part of a camel’s rear anatomy. 

When your frugal buddy makes a purchase though… Well – that’s just the best feeling ever, because that means you too can buy something and you know that they won’t question why you needed to spend the money. 

It’s like a ‘get out of jail free’ card in Monopoly!

So, on the way home yesterday (munching on apples – but more of the nibbles later) I found myself strolling past Lockwoods Ski and Trek in Leamington Spa and decided to wander in to look at all the lovely outdoor stuff and things and whatnots. 

Hell – I thought I might even check out the doomafirkins while I was there!

A mere twenty minutes later I was the proud owner of a new pair of AKU walking boots (more than 50% off their original price!!!) and I can tell you that after 10 miles of walking today I am very very very happy with them. 

The tread seems a lot more hard wearing than the Berghaus ones I normally buy – and they’re a bit different to walk in (they feel very ‘heel to toe’ as opposed to a bouncy ball support) but I like them a lot. 

I’ll update you on their long term survival in a later post no doubt…

It’s been a lovely day for walking though (I’m not alone in thinking this – I’ve met loads of slimming world buddies too!) and for the most part it’s been warm and sunny enough to wander around in little more than a short sleeved shirt. 

Today I’ve mostly been doing laps around the park with friends and attempting to burn off a small amount of ‘munchies’ eating from yesterday. 

Slimming World food tasting sessions always have the same effect on me. I have routinely eaten much more on Saturdays when I’ve tried lots of the types of foods present than on similar days where I just eat ‘normally’ (whatever that is). 

I’ve thought about this a few times and it’s most likely a combination of things. Firstly it’s Saturday and I’ve just stepped off the scales. 

My first thought is often ‘aaaaannnnnd rellllaaaaxxxx’ which doesn’t really help with willpower (I’m looking at you boxes of hi-fi bars) and I’m definitely guilty of entering what SW calls ‘The Twighlight Zone’ – which is where you pig out on weigh in day. 

Secondly is the fact that a lot of the foods I sample on these occasions are ‘free’ or very low syn dessert style dishes – which I like to try mostly because they’re not something I normally indulge in. 

I tend not to eat them partially because I never really crave them – but also because I know how they’re capable (in small nibbly delicious quantities) of making me overeat afterwards. 

This is why I also eat my food in order (speed first, then free, then syn) when it’s possible to do so. I’ll eat less free if I’m stuffed with speed and less syn if I’m stuffed with free. 

The taster sessions just blow this all of the water and everything gets jumbled up. Consequently I’m usually left wanting more all day long. 

Thankfully I managed to keep it under control – apart from a fruit, yogurt and gherkin fridge and cupboard clearance late in the evening. 

Things never get too out of control because thankfully I don’t have any ‘treat’ food in my house as a rule. However I also managed to keep a lid on things because I knew that I had to write it down and that I had to post it. 

Not that blogging it really matters in the great scheme of things. 

I bet almost no-one reads it – but crucially I know whether I’ve lied or told the truth – and I never knowingly lie on my blog. I can therefore chalk this up to a win (of sorts) for #onplanoctober. Without it yesterday could have gone really off the rails. 

Saturday 14th

  • Slimming World food tasting nibbles (approx 300ish?)
  • 5 large Apples 350
  • Tub of cottage cheese with onion and chive 176
  • 100g pickled onions 35
  • 500g grated carrot 210
  • Half iceberg lettuce 20
  • spoonful of mint sauce 5
  • Spoonful whole grain mustard 10
  • 15 pitted green olives 60
  • Can of tuna in spring water 120
  • Can of mackerel in tomato sauce. 190
  • 165g Can of sweetcorn 60
  • Half jar pickled gherkins 57
  • 100g Strawberries 33
  • 300g blueberries 129
  • 500g natural yogurt 308
  • 370g (jar) pickled gherkins 114

Total calories consumed – 2077 (approx)


  • Active/total calories burned – 1241/4004
  • Cardio minutes – 70
  • Steps/miles walked – 19,946/9.88

Onwards and downwards Internet!!! Just keep putting one (beautifully booted) foot in front of the other!



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