Obsessive Davey 

The world seems busier than usual today. Everyone appears to have somewhere to be or something to do. They all look like they’re concentrating and absorbed in their thoughts. 

There’s an autumnal feeling in the air and a chill on the wind but periodically the sun is shining. When it does the world seems to come alive in a riot of colour. Previously green trees have carpeted the floor around them in rich colours and they contrast beautifully with the grass and the sky. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I fudding love this time of year. 

Although I’ve complained a bit recently about feeling the cold it’s undeniably becoming a pleasure of mine to warm up when the temperature drops with a brisk stroll. 

If that requires a thick coat, some gloves, and even a hat then I’m all for it. Bring on the chilly weather I say. It’s just another great reason to get my pulse racing!

Whilst in the park this morning I’ve been twalking with a friend about the events of the last few days and how we’ve both regained a measure of dietary impetus. 

Although we’ve each been very careful about what we consume this week my buddy doesn’t enjoy noting everything down with the same gleefully repetitive obsessiveness that I tend to indulge in. 

Part of the reason my life got so out of control beforehand was my inability to change. This fundamentally related to a need for familiar and comforting structures in life, and when I found a coping mechanism I repeated it endlessly, regardless of whether it was good or bad for me. 

In many ways I’ve not changed at all. 

I still like to know what any given situation will have as an outcome before I enter into it. Whereas I used to drink at the same time of day or eat the same things endlessly I now employ this obsessive side of my nature in a more positive direction. 

My inflexibility in some areas, when used to eat healthily or try to improve my fitness can be very beneficial. Probably because of this side of me I find that I often have quite a formulaic weekend.

I’m usually at the top of a rollercoaster on Friday evening – meaning I never sleep well. On Saturday morning I ride it and find out whether it’s going to derail on a bend or instead provide lots of enjoyment. 

The rest of the day is usually me doing other things to divert my thoughts whilst internally processing the (high or the low) feelings that this can produce.

If I’m completely honest Saturday afternoon has consequently (but not this week) often involved me eating a lot more than I should. 

As reaction to recent behaviour in this vein I’ve now declared to myself that hifi bars are evil and Aldi Benefit bars are now banned from my house. 

On their own they’re innocent enough, but in my experience they hunt in packs and are more than capable of taking me down like an army of Lilliputians.

After this minor frenzy of food my usual (post pig-out) Sunday is spent gathering my thoughts again and deciding on my motivations for the week ahead.

What do I want from it and how do I plan to achieve it?

Well firstly this week I want to continue with #onplanoctober

It’s really turned things around for me and it’s meant that I’ve been focused, committed AND enjoying myself. It’s come up in almost every conversation I’ve had with friends and family and it’s fair to say it’s pretty much all that’s on my mind at the moment.

Whilst having a chat with my Slimming World consultant about various topics yesterday I found myself discussing the perception that weight loss inevitably slows down as you get closer to your target size.

In my own case I hope I can prove that this isn’t always the truth. By writing down both my activity and honest food intake I should be able to understand where things go wrong (if they do) and quickly modify my habits if my progress doesn’t continue the way that I want it to.

In the past when I’ve slowed down I know in my heart of hearts what’s caused it. A lack of forward momentum has always been because I’ve become a little too comfortable or complacent – or simply succumbed to emotional or boredom eating.

My most recent blip was the latter.

Ultimately (medical conditions aside) you need to burn more then you eat or you won’t lose weight – and my current focus is to be absolutely on point with this for at least the whole of the month and see where I am after that.

My approximate goal is 15st – and I’m hoping I can do this by Christmas – but this number also presents another problem. If I get there I’ll have lost a total of 19.5st.

That’s just untidy.

No-one wants to be the guy who only lost 19.5 stone and hear all the jeers from people saying ‘pfffft – he couldn’t even get to 20 – what a loser!’ 😄

So (and I am joking about that last bit) I may modify that.

In the meantime the next certificate I have to get is 17.5st and I want that next Saturday. It’s totally do-able.

For this coming week my goal is to make that happen.

So with that in mind Internet here’s my non pig-out Saturday 7th

  • 9x tomatoes 135
  • 2x hifi bars 146 (6 syns)
  • 2x apples 142
  • 30 pitted green olives 120 (6 syns)
  • 370g (jar) pickled gherkins 114
  • 100g sandwich ham 119
  • 200g baking potato 160
  • 400g (approx) roast chicken breasts 480
  • Small side salad 20
  • 40g rolled oats 148 (HE)
  • 100g blueberries 43
  • 250g frozen Aldi summer fruits 84
  • 250g natural yogurt 154

Total calories consumed 1865 (12 Syns)

My activity was as follows –

  • Active/Total calories burned 1159/3926
  • Cardio minutes – 95
  • Steps/miles walked 15,167/8.03.

Enjoy your Sunday!



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