In control again

It’s pretty early in the morning and I’ve a long twalk planned for today. It’s been darned cold over the last couple of days and with my skinnier frame I’m really noticing it this year like never before.

Even briskly twalking around the park with a friend last night required two layers, a thick jacket and thermal gloves for me to feel warm and cosy.

Although strangely my bald head is not cold…

It’s a similar story at home and I’m actually wearing fleecy jogging bottoms and a long sleeved top as pyjamas to bed at the moment. I don’t think I’ve dressed like this for sleepybyes since I was a schoolboy. 

(In case you were wondering what was previously worn and what’s happened to it, have no fear. You can rest assured that the author has placed all his fancier and flimsier summer negligees safely in storage along with his customary fluffy baby doll mules. 😏)

To be truthful though – although I carry less cuddle muscle now I don’t think it helps that I’ve got a cold at the moment.

Thankfully it seems confined to my nose and throat rather than being too debilitating so I’m (sniff) being a hero (sniff), not looking for any sympathy (sneeze) and quietly getting on (blows nose) with it (sips lemsip) without expecting (shivers) any sympathy because that’s the kind of guy I am.

Man flu?

Never heard of it!

(Author goes for a lovely lovely walk)

Well it’s a fantastic day out there today – and I’ve just had a fabulous 8 mile workout whilst twalking along a circular route through Offchurch with a good friend.


This is a route I’ve done a lot in the last few months – but today was perfect for it, and my friend and I have gone through some really great conversational topics.

Although it’s been cold out today (and at times a little windy) if you keep a good pace up then there’s nothing more invigorating than walking along picturesque canals and through fields of sheep. If you’re doing this whilst discussing life with someone that knows you really well then all the better!

It didn’t hurt at all that (at the little red flag on the map) our twalk ended in Starbucks with a steaming hot, hand warming cup of coffee.

Frankly I now feel flipping amazing (despite my sniffles) and it’s mainly because I am currently feeling in control again – at least in of one aspect of my life. I don’t think I have for a couple of weeks, and it’s a really nice sensation.

Feeling very chipper and upbeat I arrived home and made myself the bestest salad and baked potato with cottage cheese ever!


Yesterday was another good #onplanoctober day – and I’m already getting into the swing of the subtle self denial it’s brought back into to my life – which is definitely good for the soul.

This added structure is already making me feel both positive and in control. 

Tuesday’s food broke down like this –

  • 250g frozen Aldi summer fruits 84
  • 250g natural yogurt 154
  • Banana 90
  • 190g (half jar) pickled gherkins 57
  • 100g of sandwich ham 120
  • 3 small tomatoes 30
  • 400g Diced beef 528
  • 240g White kidney beans 150
  • 500g carrots 210
  • 400g Leeks 108
  • 900g swede 120
  • 2 cans of chopped tomatoes 128
  • 44g Aldi dominion creamy strawberry sugar free sweets 117

Total kcal consumed for the day 1839

Active/Total calories burned 1445/4127, 143 minutes of cardio, 11.6 miles walked, 21,295 steps.

So – very much like the day before I can clearly see less consumed than (supposedly) I worked off.

At this point – I feel the need to point out to readers that this is not the Slimming World way of doing things – and a consultant won’t encourage this level of (maybe obsessive) counting. Instead they advocate a food diary grouped by speed, free and ‘synned’ items.

(Mine also pointed out that I’ve had a lack of A&B choices – which is part of the reason for my cottage cheese lunch today.)

Personally though I find that I can still easily overeat when food is only listed in groups on one of these trackers and doesn’t have a calorie value (and therefore a consequence) associated with it. Almost certainly because of this approach I noticed a totally new habit forming yesterday when I made a warming beef stew.

Rather than cook it, eat it and then add up the calorie content, I started laying it all out on the kitchen work surface and writing it down before I even turned the gas on.

The upshot of this was that I left out lentils (100g of these is only 116kcal but it all adds up) which I’d probably have otherwise have popped into the pot without thinking about or accurately measuring their weight.

I also left my apples in the fridge yesterday, as they took quite a bite out of my calorie budget the day before.

So there we go internet – now you know the contents of my stomach and how my day went! Hopefully you now feel almost as awesome as I do!



  1. I am a fan of at least being mindful of what we’re eating regardless of whether it’s a free food or whatever.

    Obsessing about it TOO much can obviously be a problem but at this stage I don’t want to have any kind of disordered eating. If I’m still unable to control myself whether it’s with healthy foods or not, then what have I really learned? Are these habits going to last a lifetime?

    My portions have reduced dramatically and I feel a lot better for it. If I’m genuinely still hungry I’ll just prepare something else later. It was actually you who inspired me to do this when you mentioned that smaller portions could reduce wind – it worked by the way 👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My farting has abated – but still remains a little ‘windy’ lol – however I’ve also discovered a new cure. Not having ANY artificial sweeteners.

      I’ve been having some days with none at all and some days with my ‘normal’ amount. The pinch point always happens in the evening when I usually have Aldi ‘dominion’ sugar free butterscotch sweets.

      When I don’t have them I get very little wind 💨

      This is something of a result!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Well done dear. And it’s really good to keep track of what you eat, unless you could get obsessed with the numbers.

    I don’t mean to be a downer, but you might want to be a bit more careful with the apples. 🙂 They contain a boat load of sugar (more than a banana) and cause you to digest food way faster. I tend to combine my apple with almonds (healthy fats), because the latter fill me up so I am not hungry 10 mins after the apple lol (also apparently the apple helps my body to absorb the nutrients in the nuts more easily 🙂 ).

    Liked by 1 person

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