When I sat down briefly yesterday evening to write my post I was on my way to making a large salad – and determined to make sure that I didn’t eat anything else that would de-rail me.

Evenings have been a challenge for me over the past two weeks.

I therefore proclaimed that I’d share my food intake and calories with the world the following day in an effort to make sure that there was no more screwing up.

It wasn’t until after I’d made this decision that I noticed that a friend (and fellow blogger) had posted that #onplanoctober just started. I don’t know who began this – but it’s going a little ‘viral’.

(Author dislikes the fact that he has just used the word ‘viral’ and feels an ‘old fart’ rant brewing)

It will come as little surprise to those that know me but I am barely hashtag aware.

I know Twitter exists, I have an account, my blog automatically gets posted on there (link) but that’s about it. I only signed up a few years ago because another friend created a profile and told me she had no followers.

I took pity on her lonely cries from the interweb, valiantly created an ID – and for several years we both followed only eachother – in the process defeating pretty much the whole point of it!

Other than that I tend to view Twitter as a trivial irrelevance (although I do sometimes add hashtags to my Instagram posts and once used it rather effectively to complain to Virgin Media). This may be a consequence of my age, but I think it’s more to do with the fact that I’m unwilling to even try to explain myself in 140 characters.

I struggled with SMS back in the early days of mobile phones and that was 160!

Some might say ‘but the President of the United States uses it and if it’s good enough for him…‘ However I think that rather than undermining my initial assessment of Twitter that it instead kind of validates it with bells on.

Personally I’m just waiting for something that’s clearly a fad to blow over…

(Author declares ‘old fart’ rant to be complete)

With all that said #onplanoctober appears to be ‘trending’ and to have captured my particular zeitgeist – so I’m going to give it a go and see where it gets me.

Hell – I’ve already stared, so why not continue?!

So – yesterday’s food eaten (in no particular order with kcal values because thats how I roll) was

  • 9 small tomatoes 90
  • 100g of sandwich ham 120
  • 180g chicken pieces  220
  • Tub of cottage cheese with onion and chive 176
  • 6x large apples 420
  • 500g grated carrot 210
  • Orange pepper 30
  • Romaine lettuce 25
  • spoonful of mint sauce 5
  • Spoonful whole grain mustard 10
  • 15 pitted green olives  60
  • Can of tuna in spring water 120
  • Can of mackerel in tomato sauce. 190

Day total 1776 kcal

Exercise completed – 1,259/3,907 active/total kcal, 86 mins cardio, 21,467 steps / 10.47 miles walked.

This is the first time in a while that I’ve written all this down so diligently and two things immediately jump out at me.

  1. I would probably have carried on eating during the evening if I’d not made this list. Typically I would have had some kind of dessert – which (given that the calorie count was adding up a little quicker than expected thanks to some delicious apples) would have been a mistake.
  2. I’ve noticed recently (as I keep my weight changes up to date on Apple Watch) that my calorie burn has gone down quite a bit since I first put this device on my wrist.

I first wrote about this here (link) – and should you wish you have a quick look (Author is in no hurry. Indulge your curiosity. It’s quite interesting.) you will see the breakdown of how 17st ago I not only burned 7,500 kcal per day – but you’ll also see what I consumed in a typical day too.


It makes for sobering reading for me even now. On the day above I apparently moved a total of two miles in short bursts from the house to the car, around my office, back and forth to the toilet and around my home.

Maybe unsurprisingly – at almost 50% of my previous weight – I now burn approximately 50% the calories. However I also have to walk an average of ten miles a day in order to do so.

This screenshot is from yesterday.


This means that 34st 8.5lb Davey used to do the equivalent amount of exercise just to make his heart continue to beat mostly just sitting in his creaking armchair.

All this (rather annoyingly) tells me that I really should eat less volume. I don’t need so much food any more. My portion sizes are still way too big – and I eat more than a lot of other people I know.

If I could modify this aspect of my behaviour then I probably wouldn’t need to exercise so much. However I genuinely love all the walking and activity that I do, so for the time being I’m going to leave things the way they are and not worry too much about it. Instead I think that the key is to get back to steady losses and #onplanoctober seems like a good way to do that.

If this results in smaller portion sizes along the way then that will be a nice side effect.

I’m not promising anything – but I’m going to see whether writing this down for an entire month will drive me insane or make me focused.

Either way internet – I’m not sure it will make for particularly interesting reading so I might do it in my posts for a week and do it in private for the rest of the month. However – in this respect reader’s thoughts are welcomed.

If people are interested in seeing exactly what I eat then I might change my mind.




  1. I can’t get into Twitter either. I mostly use it to complain and it was in fact Virgin Media who started that off, but more recently I decided to use it to let companies know if I’ve had exceptional service from someone. That way the people who go out of their way to help can (hopefully) get some sort of benefit!

    Keep the food diaries coming! It’s not as if it’s difficult reading, you’ve summed everything up nicely. I’d be happy to read them every day.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think making them public may help you if you know you’re being watched. As for the portion size issue I’ve challenged 3 habits to lose weight. Portion size is one. Eating more slowly a second and eating earlier in the evening. Indeed eating more slowly and reducing portion sizes worked well together.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Portion control is a real big issue – for all of us! Over the years, we’ve all got used to seeing and eating bigger portions of just about everything. I think we’d be truly amazed to see what families of the 50’s considered a good lunch or dinner. I’m trying to reduce my portion sizes down at the moment too, as they have crept up over recent months. Your addition of all those calories was a real eye-opener – not just to you, but to me too! Keep it up, Davey – you’re helping to keep us all on-track!

    Liked by 1 person

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