Giant cat

Ok. My I think my mojo is returning.

As with most things worth having though it’s not been easy to get back or hold onto – and it involves facing up to a few things – but if I’m going to practice what I’ve preached in the past I’m going to have to at least temporarily go back to basics.

After a twalk with a friend around the park this morning where I was liberally dispensing dietary advice it occurred to me that it would be a blooming good idea if I took a spoonful of my own medicine and did the same myself for a week.

So – in the spirit of this I’m standing in blogging limelight and I’m (probably against slimming world’s core principles) counting calories for the rest of the week. 

Don’t get me wrong – I hate doing this – but that’s a good thing because the reason I dislike it so much is that (just like a slimming world food diary) it’s impossible to hide from what I eat when I write it down and add up the ‘cost’ of it.

If I’m to get back on track though I think I need to do this, so starting from tomorrow I’m publishing what I’ve eaten the day before along with the my exercise.

My aim is to consume around 1500-2000 kcal and do an average of 1200 active kcals of exercise (which usually equals around 3900 total kcal) per day and see if that gets me back on track.

So far for Saturday and Sunday I’ve eaten around 1900kcal per day and done an average of 1250kcals of active exercise, so I’m on currently track for a loss this weekend.

Today is going the same way so far.

In other news, whilst walking home I saw a man walking a ferret on a lead today – proving that the world is indeed a strange and wonderful place and that it’s filled with delightful and interesting people.

This makes me happy 😃

Heaven knows why we take ourselves so seriously, tie ourself up in knots as adults or drown our dreams with silly fears but I’m not having it any more.


I want to return to the kind of happy place from years ago where sitting in little red slippers and corduroy dungarees with a GIANT CAT on my lap was more than enough to make little Davey’s flipping day.

Watch this space internet. I’m determined that this week will not be another self inflicted downbeat bag of s**t and I’m putting my money where my mouth is to make that happen.



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