Start as I mean to go on

One of my Slimming World consultant’s favourite phrases is ‘if you do what you always did then you get what you always got.’

It’s been going around and around in my head today (although not necessarily in terms of weight loss) and I’m consciously trying to not repeat old behaviours – and instead to channel her positive message into my actions. The nature of life is change – and the ability to embrace and capitalise upon it is paramount if you’re to make any progress.

To be fair she also regularly says ‘wrap some ham around it!’ (when referring to her preferred method of consuming Crudités) which I will admit is my favourite one of her catchphrases (there are quite a few) but I can’t apply this to my search for employment unless I plan to open a deli, so instead I’m cherry picking her baubles of wisdom.

As planned I got up (very) early this morning and got myself ready to hit the world with a neatly ironed shirt, trimmed nails, delicately scented armpits and a freshly moisturised complexion.

It’s highly likely that no-one will be looking at me today, but giving a damn about your appearance and feeling positive starts with taking care of the little things – regardless of whether you’re being watched or not. If that means getting up and looking good for no-one but yourself then that’s what you do.

Photo on 25-09-2017 at 12.08

I never have pyjama days anymore and try to start as I mean to go on for the day ahead.

Once the rain stopped hammering down outside this morning I briskly made my way into town with some suitably upbeat tunes. I was originally heading for the library, but then realised I couldn’t drink coffee (oh the horror!) or get free wi-fi there, so I re-routed at the halfway point and headed instead for Starbucks.

Today I feel driven – and my walking speed on the way to town appears to reflect this.


I remember a time not so very long ago when an average pace like this would have been a distant dream for me. Getting my mile speed under sixteen minutes was not only a significant challenge – but resulted in a lot of sweating and a pretty high heart rate.

Today not only did it seem do-able – I’d even go so far as to say it was enjoyable.

The other good thing about starting my day like this (as opposed to getting up and sitting at home to do some work toward my next steps in life) is that I feel flipping invulnerable after I’ve been exercising – and far less likely to think ‘can’t do‘ thoughts as opposed to ‘CAN DO‘ ones.

Already I feel better about things.

Although I won’t go into exactly what I’ve been up to today I’ve started researching two separate areas that could be a way forward (I’m still undecided about both), arranged a ‘taster’ life coaching session with a consultant for Friday, looked into the tax situation associated with potential projects, put some ideas down on paper – and also spent a while reading about something else that interests me.

It’s still grey out there, and it’s still raining but as I type (now at home) I’ve pounded over eight miles of pavements and definitely feel like I’ve made some progress.

I don’t think there are any quick fixes any more – and maybe that’s the lesson to take away from today. Rather than jumping into things in the vague hope that they will make me happy I plan to invest some time in research and get input from people who know what they’re talking about along the way.

Appetite wise today has been pretty good. I’m keeping a lid on things so far and will make sure that whatever I eat this evening will be prepared rather than picked at. So far I’ve eaten around 1000kcal and I plan to have a rather large salad to end the day with – which (counting the fish I’ll add to it) will come in at approx 500kcal.

This should leave a little wiggle room for some dessert hopefully.

I know I shouldn’t be counting calories on Slimming World, but it’s the only way I feel I can get myself under control when I want to comfort eat. There’s no hiding from numbers and it’s a LOT harder to bury your head in the sand when you know an apple is 74kcal and what it means for weight loss when you eat loads of them (as I tend to do).

Since I’ve been a good boy today I also plan to treat myself to a video game session later this evening. Lots of digital bad guys will be getting digital caps popped in their digital bottoms as the day draws to a close.

After all internet – a little bit of what you fancy does you good! 🙂




  1. Sounds like you have had a very productive day 😀I am still enjoying your posts and although I don’t always get chance to comment I do read them all 😀 One thing I can take from this post is your comment about not having any pj days anymore . I tend to have those days( more so when Hubby is on a long day at work and I think i will just chill and basically waste a day 😱) So it’s something I plan to stop and to increase my exercise levels . I am thinking of ways to do this and to make a positive change. I have done the SW bit so now I need to change the exercise bit and get up , get sorted and get out on days when it’s ” easier” to not bother😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good plan Gill!

      A PJ day is a day with no forward momentum and very few endorphins. Although an occasional self pampering day is always a good thing for personal well being this kind of time (I find) can be emotionally corrosive when over used and gradually erodes willpower.

      How often have you told yourself ‘I wasted yesterday so what’s the harm in wasting tomorrow?’

      In reality we ALWAYS benefit from getting off our collective asses and going out to do something, no-matter HOW small it is. At the very least, even if it’s not classifiable as exercise it’s a potentially more interesting chat with a significant other when they get home and you talk about your days and what you both did.

      There so much more to going out in the morning and making an effort than losing weight x


  2. Ah Starbucks, the library of the coffee world ☕️

    It’s awesome that you’re gathering lots of information as possible before you go forward. It’s the bestest approach in my opinion 👍

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