Bubbles says it’s not cakey 

It’s early morning and I feel mostly back on track, although to be honest my stomach still feels decidedly strange and I have an odd lingering light headed sensation that’s been with me for a couple of days now. 

I’m guessing that this is how ladies feel with morning sickness all the time – so far be it from me to make too big a thing out of it. It’s nothing I can’t work through. 

Thankfully my spiritited Bank Holiday start to the week has allowed my day in bed to not totally destroy my weekly exercise objectives of around 70 miles walked and 20,000 steps a day. 

Annoyingly though if I hadn’t gotten sick my totals could have been pretty epic this week. I was hoping I’d top 85 miles. 

However – I have to get on with it and keep moving forward. The weight won’t lose itself and I need to be positive. 

Yesterday (hoping I’d feel better today) I asked if I could go in to work early to catch up on some of the training I missed – which I felt was an irritatingly important chunk of knowledge. 

Thankfully they were happy to accommodate me which meant an early start this morning if I was also going to fit 12 miles into my working day and hit the 10 miles a day average that I like to have under my belt before Saturday. 

Depending on how you look at it last night I either had an irritating bout of insomnia or a pretty excellent reason to get up and start walking before the sun came up today – and it turned out that my inability to sleep really worked in my favour. 

The world looked fantastic this morning – and apart from an elderly Sikh couple also doing laps hand in hand (awwww – so cute!) I pretty much had the park to myself at 6.30. 

The mist was hanging over the grass and water in such a way that it perfectly filtered the warming orange sunlight every time I looked at it, producing a summery haze all around me. 

As I walked through the small wooded area near the river in St Nicholas it was impossible not to stop and admire it. 

As I sit (whilst sipping coffee, probably MUCH to regular readers’ surprise) looking at my exercise stats I can see already at 7.45am I’ve nailed almost 10,000 steps and just under five miles and the day has barely begun. 
Now all I need to do is go to work, learn lots of stuff, do lots more walking and drink lots of coffee. 

(Author goes to work)

Well I think it’s safe to say that whilst my day started with high energy levels something clearly still isn’t right. I’ve crashed completely this afternoon and my chin (metaphorically speaking at least) is on the floor. 

I’ve hit a wall at 10.5 miles and I’m not doing any more for the day. Although my current feeling of lifelessness is highly likely to be rooted in not getting much sleep I also still feel genuinely odd internally. 

Although a churning stomach and light headedness are my chief PITA’s currently at the same time my balance is slightly off as well – and my ears keep popping. 

It’s not making walking easy, and I nearly strolled into a tree whilst taking a swig of water on the way home through the park tonight. 

On the plus side I’ve almost managed my objective and my week has ended on a 68.5 mile total, and very nearly 20,000 steps a day on average. 

Considering I spent 36 hours of two days this week in bed feeling decidedly sub human I’m going to try and focus on not being peeved that I didn’t hit my objective (you know I am though -just a little) and instead work towards feeling good that I came so close in such a crappy week. 

One can only hope that tomorrow I catch a break and that the scales don’t pull some weird stunt on me. 

I only need one more pound until I’m 16.5 stone lighter (another certificate and sticker! Yay!) and another three before I’m in the 17st ‘something or other’ bracket. 

I’ll be happy with just the former – but boy oh boy Internet it would be REALLY nice to get the latter too 😄


An afterthought…

This author in no way endorses or indeed uses any cosmetic products (other than generic moisturiser and lip balm to maintain his youthful Peter Pan like complexion) but he found himself to be quite intrigued when seeing this following advert in Debenhams’ window earlier today…

(As he types he’s not sure why he’s referring to himself in the third person but quite likes it so will continue.)

What strange breed of lady or man (he wondered) would choose to buy (or use) any product endorsed by someone called ‘Bubbles’ from Oxford whose main bauble of glittering praise was that the product wasn’t ‘cakey’ 🤔

Any makeup sold on the basis that it ‘stays up’ (thinks the author) deserves to be in Homebase with the other plaster and wall preparations – not coating people’s faces….



  1. 🎶 oh what a beautiful morning! 🎶

    Seriously, as ever I’m in awe. You were poorly and still did an amazing job *almost* smashing your already substantial goals. I felt a bit iffy and stuffed my face full of crap for two weeks!

    Good luck for tomorrow, fingers crossed the scales show the result you deserve 🤞

    Liked by 1 person

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