Spinning and cartwheels 

Well the week hasn’t continued as it started. Yesterday morning at 3am I awoke feeling very strange indeed. This resulted in a sudden dash to the smallest room of the house where my chief concern swiftly became whether I should be sitting on the loo or crouching in front of it. 

Frankly I felt totally destroyed for the entirety of yesterday and apart from multiple dashes to the toilet I eventually ended up in bed for almost 36 hours

To make matters infinitely worse this meant that after less than three weeks in my new job I had to phone in sick with probably one of the most overused and half backed ‘sickness and diarrhoea’ excuses known to man. 

In my mind it practically screams ‘I can’t be bothered to come in today and this pathetic excuse was the best I could come up with at short notice.’

To add insult to injury my OCD is in freefall thanks to the dent yesterday left in August’s exercise stats. 

I know that in the great scheme of things this doesn’t mean anything but I’m truly obsessive about some things and this is a bit of a kick in the man globes. 

On the plus side I think I managed in the space of the last 36 hours to throw up or evacuate everything in my entire body and barely managed to hold down 6 satsumas late yesterday evening. This means in real terms I’ve eaten practically nothing (although I’ve had plenty of fluid) for almost two days

Since I still have zero appetite it’s highly likely I’m not going to end the month worrying about a weight gain as this week started really well from an intake and exercise perspective – so I guess every barf laden cloud has a silver lining. 

Anyway – many apologies internet for the grim subject matter – but this is a ‘warts n all’ blog so the rough comes with the smooth. Now you know all the gory details. 

You’ll get a more upbeat post when my stomach stops doing cartwheels and my head stops spinning. 



  1. Oh dear, I hope you’re feeling tip top again as soon as possible! And there’s no point telling you not to worry about your rings as I’d feel exactly the same.

    Take care! x

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  2. I’d take the positive, that this was the last couple of days of the month, and September is just a day away, when all bets are off and your Apple watch is back to zero and ready to be challenged in the coming month. Hope you’re feeling better.

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