Penguin in a dell

Although I had a great win on the scales yesterday in the end (rather surprisingly) I found that my real moment of triumph came later on in a different non-scale victory that stood completely apart from my fifteen stone certificate.

It’s odd as I reflect upon my feelings in Saturday’s post (link) that I started with such crushingly low expectations and instead ended the day with a real sense of positivity and happiness.

As I mentioned in my list of reasons for heading to town near the end of my blog yesterday I was planning to check out the charity shops.

Much of what they contained near or in my size however was truly awful.

There seems to have been a huge outpouring of Ronnie Corbett style ‘tartan(esque)’ golfing trousers (and shorts) in all of the charity shops in both Warwick and Leamington – and for whatever reason they seem to all be in a 42 inch waist.

It seems that there are many reassuringly tubby golfers in the local area…

However I’m not personally at home on a fairway so it wouldn’t be a good look for me – but in a Cancer Research shop I did find a pair of camo-print cargo pants that were a 40 inch waist.


These (just) did up and felt really nice with plenty of pockets.

At £4 they were much cheaper than equivalent ones I’d seen brand new in supermarkets so I decided to buy them – purely because I’ve not been able to wear anything from a charity shop since Oasis first released an album. 

(Although I’m sure regular readers already know this I started at a 66 inch waist in April 2016)

Numbers in one shop however can make you feel great – while the same number in another can pull you right back down – so I’m guardedly happy – but this is a huge deal for me. Supermarkets are cheap – but charity shops are another level entirely – and given that I’ve handed over lots of expensive items to them lately in pristine condition I know that it’s not all garish golf trousers. There are definitely bargains to be had.

Then, as I was leaving the shop with my shorts I found the real bargain.

Hanging on the rack by the shop window with a 2XL tag was a lightweight, hooded and nicely lined raincoat with blue piping along the front zip and a matching hem drawstring. I tried it on just in case – and lo and behold it fitted like a glove!

What’s more it was only £8!

Flushed with further success I quickly purchased this too. As I could smell fabric softener on it and it looked in pristine condition I decided to wear it home.

In a nearby leafy dell (which amazingly I realise that I only managed to walk to for the very first time in August 2016 during this post where I look very different) I stopped to eat my lunch.

I’d purchased 3 chilled (dry) faggots from the deli counter at Tesco, a pack of tomatoes and a couple of apples. These (allegedly) meaty (but definitely tasty) snacks are a ‘synned’ treat – as I normally avoid processed food like this with a passion.

Although I’m not sure from a slimming world perspective officially how many they contain the Tesco website is pretty helpful for nutritional info (link) and they look rather naughty – together representing almost 1/5th of an adult male’s calorific RDA.

Since they’re only 50% pork and come without gravy (and Brains Faggots in the SW app are 4 syns each) I’m guesstimating that this probably nailed my daily allowance (men get 20 a day but I usually stick to 15 or less).

Since I’d had a few hi-fi bars that morning these chewy little meatballs meant that I’d need to take a ‘flexible’ approach to my intake with fewer treats on the days following – but hell – I fancied something that felt a little decadent and they tasted really nice cold!

While I munched away on these and my tomatoes I watched a nearby young lad (egged on by his elder brother) climbing onto the slippery metal roof of an approximately ten foot high slide. I tensed up, fully expected him to fall – and so did his absolutely aghast mother who looked on in horror from a bench opposite me. As she stood up watching his struggling ascent she was clearly thinking that a trip to A&E would probably be in her near future.

Thankfully (despite both of us expecting the worst) the fearless spider-child managed not only to sit smiling on the shiny domed roof but also clamber safely back down again to his annoyed mother after his triumph.

Once the miniature drama had passed and they’d moved on (with fearless spider-child’s mother chastising him and wagging an angry index finger in his direction) I took a selfie of me in my jacket to post on my Slimming World Facebook group.

I wanted to share this non-scale victory.

I quite liked the photo if I’m honest (particularly given the marked contrast to the exhausted looking beardy face in my older 2016 post) but it was the positive response in my online group that really made me smile.

One of the ladies wrote that she had a teenage son looking over her shoulder as she browsed the group feed and he had pointed out to her that the brand I was wearing was ‘Penguin‘ – which had totally passed me by. I’d just bought the jacket because it looked and felt nice.

I’ve been wearing massive clothes for so long that purchasing any brand name clothing has been a complete pipe dream. I don’t have the first clue anymore about what’s considered good or bad in terms of labels (are Levi 501’s still a thing?) Apparently though -according to her fourteen year old – this is a good make. Trendy even!

Who knew?!

Not this middle aged old fart that’s for sure. 

The last Penguin I had anything to do with was a chocolate biscuit in my 1980’s school lunch box.

I quickly Googled it. The same identical jacket (apparently they’re popular for festivals) on sale in Jacamo was £60 (reduced from £70!)

I’m not sure that the model carries it quite as well as myself though.

I give him a B minus….

Furthermore – the official site for the manufacturer lists it at £90 (!) (Jacamo / Penguin links)

As I walked home wearing my allegedly trendy garment I did so with a smile on my face and quite a spring in my step.

My jaunty gait however was a bit of a surprise as I’m still nursing some persistent blisters on my left foot that have been with me since my walk to Solihull two weeks ago (link).

So today I’ve decided that I’m going to give my foot a chance to recover and not go on any lengthy walks. I treated it yesterday afternoon (on the recommendation of a friend whose military hubby knows how to look after blisters from epic marches) to some proper medicated Boots blister plasters which have eased the throbbing somewhat.

My cardio for the day therefore will most likely come later in the form of my exercise bike – but I also need to do some gardening – so I think it’s going to be an afternoon spent with the birds and bees before some sweating!

Enjoy your day internet – I know I will!



    1. I think that’s a Zoolander ‘blue steel’ expression. He’s also rocking the faux ‘I’m walking here!’ look whilst standing completely still!

      Besides men of true calibre have a belly and that fail of a guy clearly has washboard abs. He must feel so self conscious about his obvious inadequacy.

      Poor guy.

      Liked by 1 person

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