Boy it’s hot today – and as always in weather like this I’m the unofficial Warwickshire ambassador for moob and back sweat. I was talking to someone a while ago about something similar – and it’s incredible how people (such as myself) get paralysed by hangups that others don’t see as an issue.

I (like this person) used to be intensely paranoid about visibly perspiring in public. Sure, I saw others sweating and didn’t look down upon them, but I judged myself by a different criteria. I often thought that they (being thinner than myself) were fitter and were sweating ‘normally’. They did not deserve judgement therefore, because in contrast I was doing it due to being fat. In my head I felt I wasn’t allowed to in public, and realise now that I considered it to be some sort of ‘affliction’ that I felt I had to hide.

I’d also over time developed an odd mental picture of what sweating meant for my skin. Because I had eczema I was convinced that this exacerbated the condition – and often used my belief as an excuse to not go out.

Irritatingly I know now that the problems I had were mostly because my skin never saw sunlight, rarely had suntan cream on it and wasn’t moisturised enough when I was younger (something I only started doing regularly in my late 20’s and early 30’s). Somehow though these formative opinions stuck with me (stubborn thought patterns are admittedly a trait of my family) and I held them up as fact for ages.

In the same vein I also convinced myself for the better part of a decade that I hated peas – which was bizarre because I suddenly remembered that I loved them.

Not sure what happened there.


I don’t care though now. I really don’t mind being seen all sweaty and I eat peas all the time. My view is I’m sweating because I’m not sitting on the sofa or lying down with a video game controller in my hand burning zero calories other than the ones need to move my thumbs and forefingers.

Not today. I’m perspiring and proud – and five miles into my eight mile walk for the day grabbing some caffeine and snacks. I took the scenic route to coffee today – and even though I don’t have my Apple Watch with me I know from experience how far all my usual routes are, what they do to my pulse, what speed I need to maintain to classify my workout as ‘cardio’ – and what playlists motivate me the most for the best results.

Today I’ve been trying out my new Berghaus walking trousers and flipping hell theyre awesome!


Stand aside Supercoat!!!

Soopertrousers are in town!!!

As well as a really useful drawstring hem they have special vents in the sides of the legs for when you get too warm. These also have a helpful ‘VENTING‘ instruction on the zips – just in case you were in any doubt about their functions. Behind their openings are swimming trunk style meshes and when you open them up you get a cool breeze over your knees and thighs which is a lovely sensation when you’re walking.

However I discovered that it’s particularly nice when you step into a room with air conditioning! I’m so impressed with my purchase that it’s highly unlikely people will see me wearing anything else for the foreseeable future! They’re just snug enough around the waist (and elasticated as well) to ensure that they last me a little while longer than a pair of jeans with a static waistband might do – so I’m absolutely chuffed to bits.

Of course no pair of outdoor soopertrousers would be worth wearing without an accompanying picnic – which today is brought to you today courtesy of Aldi and Lidl and the supportive benchware of St Nicholas park.


Apples, onion and chive cottage cheese, niiiiice ham and crunchy tomatoes with a flask of coffee.

I know as a Slimming World’r I shouldn’t really be counting calories but I like to know what my intake is compared to what I’m burning.

  • 200g Cottage cheese 150kcal
  • 200g Ham – 132kcal
  • 6 x small tomatoes – 96kcal
  • 6 x small apples – approx 210kcal

It’s a complete winner of a lunch and comes in at around 588kcal! My coffee is (as always) black – and syn free.

This evening I’m having salad and Quorn beef style strips. This may seem like an odd combination – but they need to be used asap after an unfortunate incident on Friday where the idiot occupant of my house (me) left the freezer door ajar.

The result?

Wonderfully cool feet on a hot day in a flooded kitchen but also lots of soggy prawns and Quorn.

But hey ho internet! The freezer’s loss is my tummy’s gain! I just have to make sure that I’m not eating for the sake of it and working off what I’m getting rid of and I should be good.

Plus if I get food poisoning that will speed up the weight loss!!!



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