Clinging to my teens

My mojo is deflated today.

Honestly it was under inflated yesterday too, but at the moment I can hear it thumping away in the background and I don’t seem to have a spare, fully inflated one in the boot or a mojo jack to replace it with.

Today the scales have not only been surprisingly evil but also changeable and capricious. When I stood on them in group this morning their initial report was that I’d put two and a half pounds on.

Annoyingly even when I agreed to step off and try it again (Angie noticed my expression of surprised indignation) the scales changed their mind and reported that I’d gained a pound and a half!

IMG_3344 (1)

Although I did slightly less walking in the last seven days than the week before I also was largely vegetarian, substituting soya mince and Quorn pieces for the pork and beef I’d normally use, and having stir fry’s, soups and salads mostly every day. I’ve had almost no meat at all and not come even close to using all of my syns on any given day.

In theory going veggie a lower calorie alternative. The Quorn pieces and soya proteins I’ve used are also a free food and my dietary change should have been a home run this week. Otherwise I’ve not eaten any differently quantity wise than I normally would – and if anything I’ve consumed less food than previous weeks where I’ve actually lost weight.

The bitterest pill to swallow however is the number 20 in my book. You can see what happened as I stepped off and on again – and it’s peeved me so much I’ve taken the unusual step of editing the photo to remind myself that I’m still just under that nineteen stone threshold.

In the great scheme of things I know it means nothing. After a spirited visit to the toilet I’m sure that things will be different. I know I can pull things around and that it’s just life, but today – at this moment in time – it doesn’t feel like that. Despite lots of evidence to the contrary, and a voice in the back of my head telling me not to be so stupid I feel like all of a sudden I’m getting no-where fast again.

I need to go out and do something positive with the rest of my day RIGHT NOW internet because if I don’t then I’m going to descend into Davey’s dark place and that’s not going to be good for anyone. Least of all me.



  1. Gah, it’s the most frustrating thing and it doesn’t get any easier, does it? I hope your mojo returns pronto, and even if it drags its feet I just know you’re going to smash it in the meantime x

    PS on behalf of veggies everywhere I’d like to apologise for our meat replacements letting you down 😉

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    1. You veggies and your tasty textured proteins!!! You’ve ruined me I tell you! Ruined me!

      And no. No it doesn’t get any easier. Just when you think you’ve cracked the emotional element of the whole process your brain kicks in to remind you that you don’t have a clue and that it will make up its own mind about whether you’re happy or not!

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      1. It’s like the worst kind of bully. You have to ignore it until it starts behaving decently again, and we all know how easy it is to do that…

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  2. Wow. How many people are going to win the internet today?? Some tough talk there (not *all* of it I agree with, but certainly the vast majority!!) and very timely it is too. What we’re basically saying is; “take a bloody good look at what you’ve achieved, ya big lug; it’s not the beginning of the end, it’s just the end of the beginning!!”. Love and hugs on behalf of all the many people who care about you 🙂

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  3. Oh dear, this must be so freaking frustrating. But as all the lovely people above have stated: look at how far you’ve come! Don’t you dare let it get you down, but use it as fuel to try and do better next week. Sometimes we just have to accept that our bodies had different plans for us. But that doesn’t stop us from trying!

    I myself have been struggling to get back below the 68 kg (… those 0,4 kg seem determined to stay). But I swear by my pretty, flowery bonnet, I will finish you kg’s! (<– I suggest you look up the gif that goes with that quote. It will make you feel better 😉 ).

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