So far It’s been a good week for walking and exercise (I’m up to 51 miles so far) – and despite the heat I’ve put in some lengthy single day distances – on Tuesday doing the perfect walk (8.5 miles) for a boiling day – almost completely in the shade to Balsall Common along the Kenilworth Greenway.

Initially my companion and I were going to go to Burton Dassett for a hill walk (since I really need to get this kind of workout into my routine) but the heat eventually made us decide against it and do something that I knew was cooler and less exposed

Boy was it a good call. The day was roasting.

We also (quite by accident because the pub was closed when we arrived) found an out of the way little cafe at a fishery behind Berkeswell railway station at the end of the walk. It was a lovely friendly little place with cheap coffee and outdoor shade where me and my fellow twalker sat for about 45 minutes hiding from the heat.

Kudos to the Lavender Hall guys – they were really cool in more ways than one!

FullSizeRender 2

However – as nice as THAT walk was, yesterday I learned the hard way about trainer socks which wasn’t so great.

Having never owned (what I previously considered were very silly things) a pair of the little slip on sockettes that give the illusion of a bare ankle when combined with shorts and running shoes I purchased some the other day.

I’ve only worn shorts in public once before and that was to Slimming World on Saturday because it was so hot. I didn’t really mind going there dressed like this as I don’t feel like I’ll be judged by my group – regardless of how I look.

I had decided that I was going to wear shorts again for a walk in the heat – something I’d have never done a couple of months ago – which (on the plus side) indicates a newfound body confidence (of sorts) but honestly I still have a long way to go with self perception.

I was so self conscious before leaving the house that I even took photos of myself to make sure that I didn’t look stupid from any angle.

I’m still not convinced – but after scrutinising the photos (and tutting endlessly at my belly) I thought I looked acceptable enough to go out. I’d made my sock purchase so that I didn’t feel like a tubby grandad with mid calf walking socks and trainers.

More fool me. 

After a mile both Achilles’ tendons by the top of my trainers were shredded and I had to turn back. By the time I got home after (just over) two silly frikkin miles I’d deployed both of the emergency plasters I carry in my wallet (thankfully I’m always prepared for this) but both sides had already blistered and popped.

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

Theoretically these (Tesco) ‘silicone heel grip’ socks should magically stay in place, and cover all the bits that needed covering – but in reality all they did was continually slip off and bunch up underneath my feet.

To make matters even worse, on a day that I wanted to get out and keep the impetus with walking going for my weigh in I was now benched. If I went outside again then I’d make the problem worse and since it eventually turned into the hottest June day in the UK since the 1976 heatwave yesterday I had zero intention of getting on my exercise bike in a house that already felt like the inside of a microwave when I was sitting still.

The rest of the day then turned into a festival of me feeling overly sorry for myself (actually I was a little glum before all this – as sleep has been hard to come by in the heat) playing video games and picking at food in the fridge from midday to midnight.

As always none of it was ‘bad food’ but none of it was in the correct quantity either.

I kept telling myself I was probably thirsty rather than hungry – and drinking pint after pint of water but it seemed to have little effect. I finished the evening close to midnight by eating a whole jar of gherkins and 400g of sandwich ham.

Consequently I awoke still annoyed with myself today and my mood hasn’t really progressed past that feeling. I’ve walked to the supermarket with fresh plasters on my heels and both of them still really hurt – with the right one now actually bleeding.

Silly ****ing socks!

Also the sky is grey and the air is humid.

Grumble grumble, mutter mutter…

(Author saves post for later. He doesn’t like moaning and posting sulky things. He’ll review it when he’s done more with his day…)

Ok Ok – I’ve moved over my moody hump thanks to exercise. My feet still hurt but I’ll get over it. Today (rather than taking carrier bags) I wore my new super cheap 30 litre rucksack (bought for £16 with Snowdon in mind) to the supermarket and filled it full of shopping.


I was interested in how it would feel on my shoulders when fully loaded. I now know -having individually weighed all the items that I’d bought on my kitchen scales (I have no bathroom scales to do it all in one go – they would drive me insane if I was tempted to use them all the time) that the whole lot weighed 11064 grams (24.4 lbs) which is almost 2 stone. This added bulk added up to a pretty good workout as it’s almost two miles from Aldi to my front door (with the last bit being uphill) and I definitely felt the added weight.

The bag was great, the straps were comfortable, and I think I’ve made a good purchase!


It’s really weird to think that I was carrying around seven and a half of these rucksacks around with me all the time in April 2016. I’m not sure how I did it! (……) Although – on reflection I didn’t – because I could hardly move – so I suppose that answers that question…

So internet – there’s only one more day to go before weigh in. It’s been a good week for exercise – but a mixed one for eating – as well as being humid as hell. This has definitely left me feeling like I’m carrying extra fluid – so I have absolutely zero idea what this combination of factors will mean for my losses. I guess the only thing I can do is continue to try and be good, and keep doing what I’m doing until then.

Fingers crossed.



  1. Yep… those socks have been invented by the devil himself. They will never stay up… ever. ^__^” I’d suggest going for the ones that hug at the ankle if you are still looking for slightly lower ones.
    Also I commend your fortitude. I have been forced to cut down significantly with exercise. Nearly passed out after tap dance, so I did not dare to go for a jog this morning with 21 degrees celcius. It’s hell week and that apparently does not go well with heath and fatigue <– not happy with this at all. 🙂 So well done you for still hanging on and getting your exercise in regardless.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t envy your hell week 😢

      I can fabricate plenty of my own hell without any unavoidable monthly cycles making things more difficult! Cutting down is ok – as long as you’re still doing around 30 mins of some form every day (that’s what my Apple Watch nazi makes me do so I’m keen to inflict its torture on others whenever possible 😄)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have never been able to handle heat well (I used to physically get sick), so I have literally spent today behind my computer working on my chapter, avoiding the outside world. Tomorrow, we will be getting back to 10,000+ steps though.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I’d go twalking with that guy in the photos, he looks pretty good to me. But I might think differently if he was wearing mid calf socks! And a jar of gherkhins? Really? And you wonder why you have a *ahem* wind problem??? xx

    Liked by 1 person

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