Sea of velvet

My fingers are cold. Now I’m thinner I feel temperature drops in my hands a lot more than I used to and today they’re aching a bit.

Rather than turning on the heating though I’ve jumped into some fleecy jogging bottoms and have been warming my frosty digits with a large steaming mug of lemon and ginger tea. The warmth of the ginger is just the right thing to have after a long walk in inclement conditions and it compliments my relaxed mood as I look out of my window.

It doesn’t look like it’s going to stop raining any time soon – and the world outside seems to be getting another good dousing.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though. My friend who has an allotment plot is quite pleased with how things have been panning out recently. His vegetable crop is definitely benefiting from the UK’s suddenly damp period.

However – from my own perspective I’ll be quite glad when it goes back to raining occasionally rather than every frikkin day. Although – when you time a walk just right (today it was just drizzle rather than a downpour so I’m only slightly soggy) it does admittedly make the world look pleasantly moist and green.

Everything seems to have a sense of life and freshness if you arrive just after the clouds have deposited their cargo.


This morning I’ve been exploring again around the canal, fields and country roads of Hatton and Warwick – and have not long finished a really enjoyable seven and a half mile circular walk that took in all three. I’ve done bits of this separately over the last few weeks but not combined them all together in one go before.

Although the skies remained steadfastly grey today one of the things that always manages to cheer me up is wildlife. As well as the usual birdsong there’s also been an ever present sound of mewing lambs wherever my friend and I walked today. Much like my trek around the fields near Offchurch on Monday (link) the eyes of the permanent (and woolier) residents never seems to be far away.


The crops are also shooting up furiously since I walked here last only a few weeks ago and the fields of wheat now stand at roughly waist height. Just like the produce on my fiend’s allotment they are hungrily sucking in the favourable light and the humid, damp conditions.

They look absolutely stunning at the moment – and it’s like walking through a huge sea of continually shifting velvet as the ears sway gently in the breeze.


As soon as you’ve taken in the lambs and wide open green fields the hedgerows and woods close in again and as you walk you’re enveloped in a shady country lane once more – with next to no traffic.

All you can hear is… well… nothing!

It’s blissful.


Occasionally I accidentally catch a programme on the radio called ‘Ramblings’ (link). Although I’ve always enjoyed listening to it in the past it often struck me as odd that a programme about taking in beautiful walks was something that was developed for and remained on radio rather than television.

However – the more I go twalking the more it makes sense.

Although the programme title’s dual meaning was never lost on me in the past (people on it ramble verbally while they ramble physically through the countryside) I never really thought too much about why the programme works before until relatively recently.

I think it’s because the combination of endorphins and the equality of walking side by side, looking forward (for the most part) means that we often discuss topics that people maybe wouldn’t approach the same way if they were sitting down, face to face and eye to eye.

Someone said to me recently that they have the best conversations with their children (often about difficult topics) when they’re driving, looking out of the window, next to each other and watching the world go by. I think the psychology of this is strikingly similar. It always seems to me that there’s little fear of judgement when we chat side by side without direct eye contact – and I wonder if it’s why walking and talking go so hand in hand.

Either way – I’m not complaining. It definitely makes the miles pass more quickly – and by the time we’d finished both myself and my friend were pleasantly warm (I was actually rather sweaty!) and pretty satisfied with the day’s activity.


As always though my thoughts on a Friday are leaning toward my Saturday morning weigh in. Last week I had a pound to go before getting my fourteen stone certificate. I’d like to think I’ve done enough over the last seven days to secure that – but who knows?

I can never tell whether success on the scales awaits me or whether i’ll just need to be patient for another week or two.

Lately though it feels like I’ve not had much consistency. I’ve had big losses and then nothing much to show for what feels like a lot of effort or even a maintain. I’m not complaining though – as overall everything has been going completely in the right direction.

At the time of writing (who knows what the rest of the day holds?) this week I’ve walked 55 miles and cycled (on my exercise bike) around 8/10 – which is maybe a little less than recent weeks – but at the same time I’ve been making lots of salads and not eating very much in the way of meat (but plenty of fish) so on paper things look promising.

Pushing the scales in the opposite direction may be my increased focus this week (as it’s been raining) on using my weights to work on my upper body. I’ve really noticed the difference in my arms and shoulders from this – and although I think they still look rather weedy its early days and I’m really pleased with my progress. As I’ve said before, if this slows my weight loss then so be it. I want to be fitter as well as thinner!

Anyway – it’s dinnertime and I have a hankering for another large salad.

Keep your fingers crossed for tomorrow internet! I want that certificate!!!




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