62 seconds

It seems that for some reason I became the target of a spammer this week – who decided to pepper my blog with unwanted comments and odd messages in a variety of languages. 

For a while I completely turned off commenting (and the notifications) and shut up shop until they went away. Thankfully this seems to have worked and after a couple of days the floods of crap appear to have stopped. 

It struck me at the time though how much of a pain this would be if my site was a business and if I wrote or updated it for a living. It must be incredibly frustrating to see something that you rely on for an income brought to its knees for no apparent reason other than some idiot trying to attract a higher google placement for whatever cons they’re trying to pedal. 

Thankfully however I could just get on with other projects (of which there are a few) and try to get some impetus going for a good loss at my next weigh in. The good weather so far this week has fitted in just perfectly with my need for exercise and has also to made my recent purchase of a number of new tops worthwhile. 

A light and breezy Hawaiian shirt is just what’s needed for sunny afternoon walks in the countryside!

I bought several of them in a act of quiet rebellion if I’m honest. They represent (to me at least) something of a ‘**** you’ to the outsized clothing industry. 

I’ve been forced for a decade to wear the (mostly) drab crap that plus sized clothing manufacturers deem is suitable for a fat man. 

There’s simply no other choice when you reach the high end of obesity. You wear what fits – not what you like or clothes that reflect your personality. 

Consequently I promised myself that as soon as more colourful alternatives became available that I’d dive right in and buy them. Now (almost) all of the shirts that I own are seriously incompatible with migraine sufferers but suit my attitude to life perfectly. 

They scream to me ‘I want to go outdoors and I’m not afraid to be seen!’  

That’s why I love them. 

Their tendency to propel me outside means I’m also making solid progress toward my week’s objective – which is trying to make sure that I get a win at Saturday’s weigh in – and in the process wipe out last week’s small gain. 

To this end I’ve been exploring a bit more around Hatton and the Grand Union canal this week. In the process I realised that (despite what I consider to be fairly extensive local exploration in the last year) I’d missed out on some truly lovely little views of the Warwickshire countryside that are just round the corner from where I live. 

Now the weather is a bit drier a lot of the previously boggy fields that I avoided on walks are now traversable. I can easily stroll through and around them to get from A to B without playing a game of mud avoidance hopscotch. 

So far because of this I’ve been notching up around 11 miles a day since Saturday and have also hit a couple of other little milestones. 

One of the most important to me so far is that I managed to further drop my top speed of walking a mile to 16.02 from my previous best of 16.33. 

This 31 second improvement may not seem like much to the casual observer but ever since I started Slimming World I’ve been chasing (metaphorically speaking) one of the male ‘target members’. 

For those of you unfamiliar with the term – a ‘target member’ is someone who has managed to reach their personal goal and attends the weekly sessions only to keep focus and maintain their weight/fitness. 

I want to be one of these people very much. 

In the first few weeks of me attending the group he casually mentioned while we chatted that he usually walked four miles in the morning – and that this distance took him an hour. 

At the time this speed seemed to be light years away from what I was capable of. A 15 minute mile was impossible back then and it was taking me well over an hour to do just one mile with lots of bench rest. 

However this real world example of someone at their correct weight working out gave me something to aim for – and over a year on I’m still striving to reach that target. 

At the time I naively thought it was mostly a case of getting stronger but I realised pretty quickly that it was just as much about dropping pounds so that I didn’t have so much to carry. 

There are physical limitations to the speed you can move with a lot of bulk in tow. 

With this in mind I eventually guesstimated that it would probably take me well over a year to get there – and that prediction hasn’t been far off the mark. I still have 62 seconds to eradicate but I’m well on my way. 

It might not happen today though. I feel super creaky from my exercise during the last couple of days and weights in the evening. 

Either way Internet – it’s time for me to get back out there and continue working towards my goal. Sitting on my bottom talking you you guys will get me nowhere fast!!!

(Author grabs coffee and heads out wearing another loud shirt)



    1. Well at least it’s not just me! One can only hope that there’s an especially toasty little bit of hell reserved for these bottom feeders!

      The next 62 seconds with happen eventually!!! I WILL get there by hook or by crook ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Yay for colourful shirts! I love it!

    You also have me wondering how long it takes me to do a mile, and whether I can improve upon it. Up until now I have had one speed of walking, no matter what my size, so when I was bigger I’d be nearly collapsing under the strain but couldn’t seem to slow down. Yes, I am odd! Either way, my mission for this week is to find out, and improve upon it.

    I was part of the spam club too. Damn them!

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    1. Curse their spammy bones!!!

      Go for the mile challenge ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ I find that the faster I move the better it feels over time. It’s amazing how much easier things become without you even realising it’s happening!

      The average adult speed of walking (according to the sign in my local park) is 20 mins per mile. I find that if I’m walking 18mins per mile it gets my heart rate up to approx 95bpm which counts as cardio exercise on Apple Watch.

      30 mins of that every day (at the very least) is my aim – and the health benefits associated with it are huge. I don’t think my diabetes would be where it is now without it! X

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