Iron clad sentinel

It’s been grey and drizzly all day long – and I’ve somehow (after a week totally on plan with plenty of exercise and also getting into smaller clothes) managed to put a pound on.


‘Oh dear.’ You might say.

‘I bet Dave is unhappy’ you might add.

Far from it‘ is what I’d reply if you did.

I expected a maintain last week and my jaw hit the floor when I’d lost seven pounds – so I’m taking it on the chin and moving right along.

One of the great things about going to my group and getting news like this is that almost everyone else there lost a good amount of weight this week – and a friend finally got the certificate she’s been wanting for ages!

Sometimes it’s just as nice to see the people around you winning at life. It just makes me smile when I see other people getting what they deserve and feeling happy! My group rocks!

I’ll admit though I don’t want this result two weeks in a row. I’m going to take this blip and use it as fuel for the fire to power some good weight loss next week.

In the meantime though I’m focusing on other victories – because frankly this past seven days has been exceptional in other aspects of my life.

  • I’ve had some really kind and positive feedback from the school where I did my talk on Wednesday – and it’s left me on something of a high.
  • I’ve got a whole bunch of 3XL tops that not only fit me – but (in my opinion at least) look ace and feel really comfortable.
  • I’m now wearing 46 inch waisted jeans – which arrived with my tops and they are actually loose. These are maybe a generous 46 – but M&S jeans start at 42 inches meaning I’m only about 4 inches away from the top end of the high street. This is unbelievably encouraging.
  • Despite my abortive attempts with planking I’m already noticing a difference in muscle definition (and maybe even mass) with my dumbbells. After 4 sessions I am also recovering noticeably quicker between different exercises without the additional cramp appearing afterwards that I had when I first started.

All of these have combined to produce in me a very buoyant frame of mind.

This upbeat mood has propelled me from the meeting today on a lovely walk with a friend from group, which took in a lengthy stretch of canal, a pub lunch, a stroll through Jephson Gardens, a coffee, a meander through a leafy little dell in Leamington and finally back to my doorstep – some 9.5 miles later.

I didn’t retreat to any kind of man cave and sulk. I don’t do that any more.

A pound on the scales is an enthusiastic visit to the toilet away from being a distant memory. It’s yesterday’s newspaper in terms of my life and not what I’ll remember when I think about today.

In contrast what I won’t forget is the conversation and banter with my fellow Slimming Worlder as we twalked about everything under the sun whilst strolling, feeding and watering as the day enjoyably and languidly progressed.

Although appearances may suggest otherwise our tasty lunch was totally Slimming World Friendly at the Newbold Comyn Arms (menu) and particularly satisfying. This was mostly owing to the fact that we had walked all the way there (4 miles) to eat it.

I went for the ‘Lower Fat Beef Kofta Kebabs served with zero-fat minted yoghurt‘ as a starter (they were spicy!!!) and as a main (since it was so nice the last time) ‘Lower Fat Roasted Butternut Squash, Wild Mushroom and Spinach Lasagne (made with low fat cheese, served with winter slaw and salad (no dressing)


Now I’m sitting at home in my comfy armchair, in my nice tidy living room, and as I type listening to Jamiroquai’s exceptional new album ‘Automaton’ (currently playing is one of my favourite tracks – ‘Dr Buzz‘.)

I feel relaxed and happy.

I’m now going to cook some dinner (I’m thinking chilli) and then find a movie or a box set to watch.

Hell – I’m feeling so decadent that I might even play a video game. 

Life is good – and it’s only that way because of perspective. This currently stands like an iron clad sentinel between me and negative thoughts and is being continually reinforced by friends and good company – who have combined to make it a practically impenetrable wall.

I’m still laughing about the moment today when my twalking companion decided to playfully bounce a sugar cube off my forehead while I wasn’t looking. This landed in my after dinner coffee right under my nose, showering everything with Americano droplets and immediately made me grin – but the icing on the cake was when she (horrified at where it had landed) dived in after it with a spoon saying ‘Oh no! I’ve put syns in your coffee!!’

She really made me smile!

I must also make a particular ‘shout out’ to a mate who upon returning from her holiday yesterday deployed her new follicle related nickname for me and actually made me spit my salad out laughing when she referred to me as ‘cueball’.

I’m still sniggering about this baldy insult for some reason!

People are ace. Groups are ace. Don’t wander through life alone. Go out there and find someone to meander through a park with or send a funny text to. They will make the difference between a day full of grey skies and drizzle being miserable – or the best Saturday that it can possibly be.

It would have been superb to lose a pound – but I didn’t.

Next week I will internet – and it will feel that much more of an accomplishment thanks to the additional anticipation.



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