The Sterling Sunrise Medical Elite XS 4 Mobility Scooter

I haven’t done this in a while (and I don’t normally write two posts in a day) but my dad was browsing for items that weighed the same as my recent losses (currently 87kg) and dropped me a text.

The item he found was maybe of more interest to him than me – but he got me thinking in a similar vein and I looked for another item…



This is the (snappily titled) Sterling Sunrise Medical Elite XS 4 Mobility Scooter (link).

Here are its specifications:

Maximum speed¹: Top speed of 8 mph (12km/h)
Overall length   138 cm
Overall width      67 cm
Safe climbing Angle    Incline 1:4 (25%), max. user weight 115 kg
Range per charge¹: Range of up to 36m (57km)
Adjustable seat height        48-55 cm
Weight 87 kg
Turning radius    115 cm
Battery size     74 Ah
Battery charger: Included

It appears that as of today I have lost an entire mobility scooter – which a friend pointed out to me is ironic because if I hadn’t turned my life around I’d probably have been sitting in one of these rather than writing about losing one.

Well not this one.

Ironically enough the maximum user weight for this sleek little baby is 18 stone and I’m currently a little over 21.

Thank goodness I don’t live in Benidorm!!




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