Sayonara 13 Stone

I had an inkling that things may be on the right track this morning when I put a recently purchased shirt on and could sit down in it without the waist tugging for the very first time. 

It’s a really really comfey top – and one that I bought in a sale at Debenhams for £9. 

Actually it may also be one of the nicest shirt I’ve ever bought (in my terms of quality) and also probably the cheapest, which is a dual win!

I’ll be honest though – my mood was still low when I woke up this morning. I’d been to the cinema to see ‘Get Out‘ late last night and didn’t get home until around 2am. After going to bed I’d woken up worrying every hour on the hour until around 6am when I gave up altogether and started reading. 

Oddly it wasn’t the content of film which stopped me nodding off. This isn’t my usual kind of movie (horror with comedic overtones will often unsettle me a bit) but honestly the content didn’t matter in the least to me last night.  

After a day characterised by a very downbeat mood I was glad to just get out with a friend and take my mind off the scales. It worked too. We had a nice walk in, and a chilled walk back as well while we nattered about the plot. 

It’s (for America at least) a pretty topical film – dealing in a rather inventive way with the issue of race relations and the form that racism does or doesn’t take today. Although it’s in no way a particularly cerebral film it does manage to make you laugh at some pretty grim subject matter – and I think when you’re smiling you’re more likely to take new thoughts on board. 

This film related early morning twalking also unexpectedly resulted in a new achievement in Apple Watch which occasionally pops up with such things to keep me motivated. 

(do a 30 minute outdoor workout on world ‘Earth Day’)

Thankfully the same thing happened at Slimming World – where the scales were finally kind to me and reported that I’d lost 6lbs and secured my 13 stone award. 

Of all the milestones I’ve managed to get during my time at Slimming World this is probably the one I’ve found (mentally) the hardest to achieve. 

Physically I’ve never worked harder to get here (although this was a pleasure rather than a chore) and because of this I had hoped to get it for my year’s anniversary last week – but annoyingly it wasn’t meant to be. 

However – I no longer care – and I do not see that in any way as a failure because I eventually did get it

I refused to give up, kept walking, wrote down everything I ate, drank lots of water, tried (but mostly failed) to control portion sizes and worked as hard as I could to mentally keep looking forward. 

Now I have to try and get my mojo back internet – because a grumpy Davey is not a pleasant one to be around. 

For the rest of the day I will attempt to remedy this with coffee, friends, walking and then hopefully SLEEP. 



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