One year on…

So it’s here. It’s actually a whole year since I joined Slimming World.

365 days have passed.

It’s currently 8.21am on Saturday 15th April 2017 – and if I’m completely honest I’m a little nervous about what the scales will say today. I’ve focused so much on walking over the last two weeks that weight loss has oddly enough taken something of a back seat. I’ve also found that my appetite has been a bit bigger as a consequence of all the exercise – so I have no idea what’s going to happen in two hours.

Honestly though my Saturday morning nerves are habitual more than anything else. I do this every week and it would seem odd not to.

On the plus side my eating has been extremely healthy – and over the last 3 days I’ve had between 1500-2000 calories a day and feel awesome. Therefore whatever happens it doesn’t really matter. My mindset is completely focused on moving forward in life – and if exercise means slower or temporarily static weight loss for a little while I’m happy with that. I’d much rather be able to bound up flights of stairs without feeling like I’m dying than being thin and unfit – so it’s all part of a larger plan.

Although I’ve not done so yet I think I’m going to get a (large) tape measure and note down my vital statistics to see how they change. I suspect I might need these as time goes on and I get fitter.

One really good bit of news at the moment however is that the (ahem, cough cough) ‘digestive transit’ issue from last week appears to have been sorted. I’ve been drinking LOTS more water (in fact lots more fluids in general) and for the last five days I’ve also been a vegetarian.

(I have it on good authority that fish – which I’ve also been eating – are vegetables by the way so although some may question my commitment to the way of the carrot I’m sticking with this label.)

Regularity has consequently been celebrating a spirited resurgence.

Financially it’s also been a great time to do this – as my shopping bills completely fell through the floor. Aldi has been selling bags of veg for as little as 19p each this week – meaning that several large rucksacks of ridiculously healthy shopping have cost me only a few pounds. On top of this they’ve also provided some great exercise as I’ve carried them the full two miles back to my house. Being health conscious is a win on multiple fronts.

So is being a prolific selfie taker.

I started (not long after joining Slimming World and for pretty much the first time in my life) regularly using the front facing camera on my phone instead of just the one pointing away from me.

I wanted to stop hating my own image and start to love who I was, regardless of what I looked like. I also wanted to see how things changed over time and keep a record of my progress. The first photo here has been used (probably too) many times on my blog – and I’m now kind of immune now to how it makes me feel. It used to make me cringe. Now I look at it as if it’s someone else. I was even asked jokingly on Facebook earlier today who the man in it was.

Honestly I don’t know now. I remember him though, and all of the other me’s in this timeline.

So here’s a small chronological collage of me from the last year. You can enjoy my moon faced symphony of chins whilst I have a shower and get ready for group.

(author slips away to powder his nose and attend Slimming World)

Well – as I expected things have not moved very much this week and my inch losses have not been equaled by weight loss. I maintained.


However – I wasn’t kidding. I’m totally cool with this. I’m not freaking out, I’m not worrying about plateaus and I’m not thinking this is the beginning of the end.

Quite the opposite.

As I type it’s 6.25pm in the afternoon.

After Slimming World I walked a round trip of almost 7 miles to have a salad at the Harvester with a most excellent friend. We had a lovely lovely chat and I feel all warm and fuzzy inside after some serious twalking.

After I came home I went out shopping – and now my cupboards and fridge are FILLED with items that have little halos floating above them. My kitchen is (as always) a den of virtue instead of vice. Earlier its saintly aura only contained a banana, a can of chick peas, an onion and some mint sauce – which even I’m not creative enough to turn into something delicious.

Also according to Apple Watch I’ve been a busy boy. I have so far today walked 10.13 miles, made 20,049 steps, burned 1,436/3,862 active/total calories and completed 109 minutes of cardio. I’m also considering maybe going out this evening too so that’s by no means the end of it. I have the same planned for tomorrow, and on Monday and also Tuesday.

You see – a year on things are very different to how they were when I joined my group. If you’ve never seen it before it’s here. Honestly I still have difficulty reading it. The emotions (and tears) contained within it seem all too real even now.

At some point though I have to move away from judging my successes and failures solely by numbers on scales. That’s not to say I don’t have to keep losing weight because I most certainly do – but I mean that the goals I am developing are becoming ones not just related to being smaller – but becoming fitter and (probably more crucially) stronger.

Many people have asked me (now that I’ve completed my 1700 mile virtual walking challenge) what I am thinking of doing next. So far there’s nothing particularly massive in my head (apart from climbing Snowdon) but I DO want to get more muscular.

I don’t mean that I plan to become a hulking meathead obsessed with protein bars and fake tan lines around my budgy smugglers – but I want to be strong enough to do press-ups (I still can’t) or pull-ups (never ever ever been able to do one of these in my entire life) or climb obstacles, or vault over a fence.

These are things honestly I’ve never really been capable of (or interested in) before – and they all require both agility and muscle.

Muscle weighs more than fat, and at some point I have to make a pivot from just shedding flab to getting more toned, and that will require a different mindset. So, while I continue over the next days and weeks to exercise, stay positive and move forward I’ll be considering how I will go about this.

In the meantime I’ll be eating good things, thinking good things, doing good things, and trying to be a better person. Most of all though I’m just looking forward to what the next year has to bring! I think it’s gonna to be great!

Who knows though internet…

Maybe I will decide to change my taste in underwear after all…




  1. Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear 😐 Do those budgie smugglers really exist?

    I feel the need to give you some advice. Please listen and take heed as this really is advice that needs to be followed…..Don’t ever ever be tempted to buy them. If you feel the need to ignore that advice then please please please don’t EVER post selfies of you wearing them. You’ve some very good friends, you need them.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hahaha they actually sell this? Lol! Seriously though, focussing on other goals is awesome! Especially if it is something you always wanted to do, but could not. 🙂 Maybe I should aim for something like that as well ^^

    Liked by 1 person

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