Although summer is a still a way off today has definitely had the feel of it – even if it’s the wrong time of year. Everything has seemed well lit, warm and temperate. Everywhere I’ve been today people have been out and about enjoying the sunshine. Furthermore today almost all of them appear to be smiling.

Me too. It’s been a good day to be alive.


Early morning in Leamington saw loads of runners jogging around town and through Jephson Gardens – and the streets were full of people on bikes, with almost no-one wearing warm coats or even waterproof clothing.

The sky has been blue and lovely everywhere I’ve walked!


As I mentioned yesterday I have set myself a milage and a weight loss objective for the next couple of weeks. I want to do an average of ten miles a day each day for fourteen consecutive days and lose five pounds by April 15th.

It’s something of a tall order (at least on the walking front) but you know what? After my self help book cherry got popped the other week I’m beginning to think I may be a bit of a goal oriented person after all (despite many years of thinking otherwise) so why not think positive?!

I can totally do this!

There’s someone that’s to blame for this mind you. On a recent walk an ex-colleague of mine inspired me a bit with his stated intention to walk 130 odd miles along the Thames over the course of two weeks. It seemed like quite a challenge when he mentioned it – but the more I thought about it after our stroll the more I realised it was just a number. It’s only a lot if you think it is. If he can do it then so can I!

I’m trying to get a bit ahead of myself if possible, so that if I falter later in the week then I can have a slow day where I relax a bit. So far I’m at 24 miles for Saturday and Sunday.

Only 116 to go!

I’ve also been occupying myself on my travels today in Leamington, Old Milverton, Warwick and Hatton with a little photography task. After a while of just wandering about with no particular objectives (other than distance) I noticed that there was a mass of colour everywhere. So, about half way through the day, I started trying to find pretty little flowers to take pictures of. Every time I found a new colour popping out of a hedgerow or flower bed I stopped to take a shot of it.

There’s a lot of vibrant little plants out there to enjoy!

I think I’m going to tray and make this a theme for the week – it’s really broken up my day and made it much more enjoyable than it otherwise would have been. Tomorrow morning I also have an appointment at the park and there’s a whole boatload of flowers being planted there at the moment!

Anyway – it’s going to be a short post today. I’ve hit something of a tiredness wall and I think nothing will satisfy me at the moment more than face-planting my pillow.

Get out there this week internet and have a look in a hedgerow or a flower bed – you’ll feel much better if you do!





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