Body Magical

Yesterday definitely felt like summer had landed. The sky was almost a pure blue all day long and it was just warm enough to walk around in a shirt and vest rather than wrapped up trying to keep dry in supercoat (TM) – which I left at home on the coat rack.

I did have a secret weapon with me yesterday whilst walking though.

My mate is akin to a magic lamp with a sunshine genie inside. Sometimes I feel like all I have to do is rub his head and the sun will come out. Almost without exception he’s proven a seriously good luck charm every time we’ve been on a stroll – so it was no surprise that there wasn’t a bit of rain to be found while me, he and another friend made our way along the Stratford Greenway.

This isn’t the first time we’ve done this route – back in January we had a similarly great day for it (here) and (cursed by his own good luck with the weather) last time my companion actually ended up sunburnt in early January.

Being of the balding persuasion however I wasn’t taking any chances. I was buried under my wooly hat. Oddly the thinner I’ve gotten, the more I’ve felt the cold on the back of my neck (which in retrospect I realise had a few more rolls of insulation previously).


Yesterday was slightly odd because it was the second time in two days where I’d been out walking and catching up with ex-colleagues and we’d bumped into yet more ex-colleagues.

I have to say this kind of thing used to rank in my top ten of ‘most hated things that Dave hates‘, as whenever I met people out of the blue I was instantly thinking about how much bigger I was or wasn’t since the last time we met. It used to make me feel like I had to apologise for gaining weight (although in reality this was in my head) and ultimately always left me very low.

Now however I get the absolute opposite – compliments.

Depending on how I feel on any given day this can be almost as awkward, as I always become quite self conscious (but grateful) when they’re given. However I’ll be honest – telling someone you haven’t seen since you were around 35 stone that you’ve lost twelve of them is a really really nice feeling.

Probably thanks to all the walking yesterday I slept like a log last night – and that log clearly wanted it’s full eight hours. I hit the pillow and was completely oblivious to the world until I woke up feeling totally awesome and started thinking about weighing in.

I wasn’t expecting very much from today.

Although I didn’t really signpost it in my updates both Saturday and Wednesday this week were days where I fell off the wagon a little. What I ate wasn’t bad per se but the quantity and manner in which I did it wasn’t good at all. I know for a fact on Saturday I well exceeded my recommended daily calorie intake and just picked constantly at one thing after another. The ‘things’ on their own were fine, but then if you eat all of the ‘things’ then you’ve done quite a bit of damage.

I felt I’d pulled it back later in the week mind you – but didn’t feel significantly different weight wise this morning. However I AM feeling a bit trimmer – which is probably because it was a good week workout wise.

I can now stay on my exercise bike hill climb setting for an hour quite easily – and that equals around 12-13 virtual miles cycled each time. I did 2 x 1 hour sessions and 4 x 34 minute sessions totalling approximately 54 (virtual) miles. To add to that I also walked just a shade under 60 miles, so I’m happy with my progress. My stamina seems to be continually increasing and I just want to do more and more!

The scales largely ignored this though and as I expected focused mostly on my naughty deeds – telling me that today I’d lost 1lb.


Honestly though this doesn’t bother me in the least. Forward is forward and as long as I’m moving in the right direction I’m happy.


I find that weeks like this are just as useful as the ones with stratospheric losses – although sometimes it can be hard to get into the right headspace to have that perspective.

What I mean by this is that it’s a good reminder that there are no cheats and everything has a consequence.

It’s fine to have an off plan day and its totally cool to temporarily take the brakes off – but if you do then you won’t have the same results as the weeks where you don’t. Truthfully these weeks now serve as motivators for me and I want to take them and use it as fuel for the following week’s fire.

I’ll be doing my best to improve upon it next Saturday for sure!

What did surprise me a bit was that today Angie informed me that she wasn’t ignoring my body magic awards any longer.

When I started exercising I decided (and told her as much) that I wasn’t going to do it for awards – I wanted to do it for enjoyment, and honestly that’s totally what it’s been about for me. I’ve loved every minute of getting fitter – and never even considered for a moment where I was or wasn’t on the Slimming world body magic scale.

Today however I received all four awards in one go and slimmer of the month!


These awards are split into four sections:

  • Bronze – 45 minutes of moderately intense activity per week in 5, 10 or 15 minute sessions spread over at least 3 days and maintained for four weeks.
  • Silver – 6 activity sessions of 15 minutes per week or 3 sessions of 30 minutes spread over 3 to 5 days and maintained for four weeks.
  • Gold – 10 sessions of 15 minutes per week (or 5 sessions of 30 minutes) spread over 3 to 5 days and maintained for eight weeks.
  • Platinum – At least 10 sessions of 15 minutes per week (or 5 sessions of 30 minutes) – maintained indefinitely going forward!

So – yay for Slimming World! It’s wonderful consultant and the group are always there to remind each other what we’ve accomplished and to look on the bright side of life.

I cant think of a better place to spend my Saturday morning!

Except possibly a coffee shop – which is where I walked to immediately afterwards for a drink (with a lovely chatty and smiley friend) before nipping to Aldi and then the park, where I whiled away the remainder of my afternoon watching a lady training her enthusiastic and amazingly obedient sheepdog to do tricks.

Honestly internet I think the pooch was better house trained than me.

I’m sure it glanced over disapprovingly as I ate onion and chive cottage cheese with my fingers, munched on an apple and watched the world go by without a care in the world.

Body magical.


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