Blustery days

Well it’s somehow March. I’m not really sure how that happened – but it did. Time sure seems to be flying all of a sudden!

Traditionally in my post on the first of the month I’ve been counting my miles travelled and steps walked since I joined Slimming World, and although I thought last month might be my final check in I can’t help but add a new line to my ongoing table, although this may genuinely be its last revision.

Although I’ve already finished my walk from Lands end to John o Groats I find it quite hard to switch off from my fitness stats. Even though my goals are now somewhat open ended now (basically my goals are to keep losing weight any way I can and keep my blood sugar levels under control) I’m still interested to see what a summary of what I’ve accomplished shows.


It seems that I’ve now walked 1300+ miles (I incorrectly told my Saturday morning group this was a bit more the other day – apologies!) since I started Slimming World – and I’m fast approaching three million steps.

It’s nuts to think that I’ve progressed from moving barely 28 miles in a month to 180 plus in less than a year and even more insane that I now consider every moment of this to be a highly enjoyable activity.

Apple Watch has also further pandering to my inner obsessive neat freak by showing me that for every day in February I filled (for the very first time in the history of ever) ALL of my rings. I also did at least one workout programme on each of the days (thats the little green dot in the top right of each set of rings) and in those workouts got rid of 18,391 calories.

This means that (If you take an adult male’s calorie intake daily to be 2500) I burned 7.35 day’s worth of food that would otherwise be turned into fat – which is pretty darn cool!


I’ll be honest though – this month I feel a bit of sadness. I’m worried that now I’m back at work I’m going to struggle to maintain things like this, purely because of the time required to walk the (approximately) 40 miles a week I’ve been doing up until this point.

I’m particularly concerned about what this means for my weight loss.

An average of 5.7 miles a day over 7 days means I’d need to walk for around 110 minutes per day on top of some of the 11 hour shifts expected in my new job – which realistically I don’t think is going to happen easily, on top of the time it will take to travel (over an hour a day), my exercise bike in the morning (40+ minutes added to the day), prepare good food for the evening and lunch the following day (usually an hour or so) AND have some downtime.

So I think I have to shift focus and concentrate more on my exercise bike – fitting in walks wherever possible. I know how my mind works though, and it’s quietly logging this change in focus as something negative.

In the back of my head there’s a part of me that’s beginning to see this as some kind of failure and I’m trying not to listen to it.

Partially because of this inner monologue – but also thanks to the absolutely shocking weather this evening I’ve already been on my bike twice today (I hopped on once more when I got home as dinner cooked).

It’s chucking it down AGAIN tonight – and the weather forecast for the rest of the week is much the same. Already over the last few days it’s been switching between high wind, heavy frost, rain, more wind and then a bit more rain for good measure.

For those not living in the UK, who need an more visual indication of what my local park looks like at the moment, this (taken on a walk a few days ago) should give an idea of what’s been happening outside.


Gnarly – and not good for walks.

I’m pretty glad I wasn’t out on that particular path, at that particular moment because I’d have lost a lot more than pounds and ounces.

Anyhow – as my brain is currently showing signs of griddle marks on its underside (thanks in most part to me trying to remember all the different things I’m learning in my new job this week) and tonight’s post is therefore (by my standards at least) short.

I’m going to spend the remainder of my evening listening to the rain beat down outside and my bins blowing over whilst hibernating under two thick duvets and reading. If there’s any justice in the world all this mental activity will result in weight loss on Saturday – but I highly doubt it.

I do hope though internet that when I wake up tomorrow the intensity of the rain will have washed my car completely clean and it will once more look shiny and new. The salt spreading on the motorway makes it look like I’ve driven it through a desert by the time I get home and life is DEFINITELY too short for cleaning and polishing cars.

Especially one as old and grey as mine, which today turned 168,ooo (in mile years).

Bless it. I do love the old girl.



  1. 🙂 I’m in the same boat as I work three days a week and have a really long commute to work. On those days I try to squeeze in walks whenever I can. So I walk towards the bus stop (10 mins) and from the train station to work (15 mins) and back again and go for a 30 min walk during my lunch break. I usually end up with between 10.000 – 13.000 steps this way. So you might be able to get to your steps goal more easily than you currently think :).

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