New job playlist

When the alarm went off at 5.50am this morning it was an unusually early awakening. Although I haven’t gotten up late for the last 7 months I’ve also not got up quite this early.

The last few days though have really been all about bits of preparation for life back in work (On Sunday for instance I got up at 7am to get closer to being super tired at an appropriate hour) and building a new structure for my re-entry into a new office.

I’ve kept the words of a teacher friend of mine in my head for this period – as I know (despite his busy life) he goes out to exercise immediately when he gets home after work – and I have set myself an objective to do at least 30 minutes of cardio every day.

If he can do it then so can I.

Within 20 minutes of the alarm going off I was on my exercise bike and working through a hill climb programme whilst listening to my new back to work playlist, which I put the finishing touches to yesterday.

I think it’s practically perfect in every way!

I tend to slowly build new playlists with Shazam – finding bit by bit things that I like and then splurge to get them all in one go and make a CD for the car.

I highly recommend track one for the car and exercise – which I’m listening to as I type. It’s Jamiroquai – Automaton. Although the start is a bit jarring its a real grower.

If you’re interested in what I’m listening to at the moment my playlist is as follows:


While these played I was thinking about all the things that I needed to remember to take with me. In the end I took a rucksack full of things I didn’t need – and forgot some of the things that I did, but thankfully nothing that I couldn’t get another day.

By the time I arrived – pumped up by my new playlist in the car – I was in a supremely good mood. Some of this positivity was directly attributable to the fact that yesterday I had to use my new leather punch to make not one, not two, but THREE new notches in my smart work belt, which I bought for interviews a while back.

My smart trousers no longer stay up without serious assistance – which is both encouraging and annoying in equal measure – because judging by the rest of the office’s dress code I will need to get some more asap.

My new workplace is set back from roads and traffic and seems to be in a nice quiet (semi gated) location – although a quick lunch time exploration of the campus appears to show that in the immediate vicinity of the office there are only featureless business park style walks and not much else.

I also made the mistake of doing this walk in my new smart office shoes and received a complementary blister (which popped) on my right heel for my troubles. My first mental note to myself is ‘take trainers to work.’

I’ll have to explore a bit more as the week goes on and see what there is to find – but either way my work shoes are staying under my desk in the future.

The most important thing though for the moment is that the people seem very friendly and welcoming. I also got chatting to a couple of the ladies in the break room when they spotted me eating a salad with some Slimming World style mini-quiches and a few gherkins that I’d prepared the night before.

It turned out that they too were Slimming World girls and several had lost a few stone, so we immediately had a common language to natter in.

We had a quick chat about progress and syns – and that the tradition of buying cakes on your birthday appeared to be alive and well at my new workplace. Almost the very first thing I saw when I entered the office was a large round table full of fondant fancies and eclairs.

Apart from some lonely looking grapes the lowest syn item were caramel snack-a-jacks, which were 2.5 syns each.

So not worth it.

Just keep walking Davey…

So – the first day went pretty well. There’s a lot to learn and a whole new kind of workplace and priorities to get used to – but I feel really positive.

It’s also because when I got back I took my teacher friend’s advice and before I’d done anything I put a plaster on, changed my clothes and shoes and went for a blooming fast walk to blow the cobwebs away.

I’ve managed to finish the day with 81 minutes of cardio, 11,450 steps, 5.58 miles walked, 1576/4604 active/total calories burned, 6.7 miles cycled – and tomorrow’s virtuous lunch is prepared in a tub downstairs and ready to go!

Now – if you’ll excuse me internet I’m going to bop around my spare room to Katy Perry before going to watch the TV for a bit.



  1. Dave sounds like a fab start. Glad friendly folk there. They are lucky to have you. Very proud of you and looking forward to reading your continued good progress. Top banana 🍌 😀👏👌xx

    Liked by 1 person

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