Just D, without a Renke

I had a slightly more relaxed day yesterday after my close encounter with the scales.

On one shoulder when I stepped off a little devil dressed in red with a pitchfork whispered ‘mission accomplished – now point me in the direction of the fridge’. Thankfully I also seem to have an angel for the other shoulder whose thought process was more along the lines of ‘next stop 11 stone tubby – get moving!’

So – I compromised.

Rather than walking over hill and dale at a frantic pace after group yesterday I settled for a short stint on my exercise bike, just to max out my watch’s cardio stat, and then spent the rest of the day relaxing. By early afternoon I’d finally meandered to the local Harvester for dinner with some friends (although in my case it was actually a very late lunch).

I’d pre-booked a table since our meet up time was a Saturday at 5pm. When I arrived I was pointed to a booth just inside the door that seated 6. I’m not going to lie – in the past the VERY first thing I’ve said to anyone finding me a table in a restaurant is ‘NOT a booth please’.

Fixed seating such as chairs with arms, picnic tables and surfaces with legs screwed to floors have always been my natural enemies and I instantly panicked. The words that I always deploy in these circumstances were on the tip of my tongue and ready to go.

I opened my mouth, stopped, closed my mouth, looked at the seating and thought ‘why not try it?’

If there’s one thing I now know it’s that I don’t know anything any more. I don’t know what clothes that will fit me look like when I hold them up in shops, I don’t know what kind of seats I will or won’t fit into – or even whether I have to open one or two double doors when entering a building. I also still think I’m going to break everything so I’m scared of sitting on anything when I first see it.

However – instead of a demoralising loss, by choosing to try I’d just discovered a new, non scale victory!


What you’re seeing here is something that I haven’t done for so long that I don’t even remember when the last time was!

The Harvester is a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to main meals – but it DOES have an unlimited salad bar for £3.99 and unlimited diet coke for £2.70. For the food and budget conscious amongst us it’s a complete win.

Furthermore – if you ask nicely they will also give you a standard sized plate to load your salad and couscous onto – which saves going back multiple times with the normal silly little bowls they normally expect you to collect your veg in. I ended up having two visits to the salad bar that both looked roughly the same.


Incidentally – I’ve read some slightly conflicting things from a SW perspective in various forums about the Harvester’s salad bar. It’s relatively obvious if you want to avoid the syns that you need to steer clear of the potato salad, bacon bits, croutons and most sauces. Olives are a ‘synnable’ food (10 per syn I believe), and so is the pasta, although I don’t know exactly what the values of this are so I only had a little bit.

Their couscous is apparently free – which is great because it’s really filling!

There’s a helpful Slimming World ‘Harvester help‘ page here if you’re planning on going there that can assist in limiting any damage you may be worried about from eating out. It’s not completely exhaustive in its scope but it is quite useful.

Whilst loading up my plate I also bumped into a fellow SW’r and her hubby, who were also trying to be virtuous and had a little natter. One of the really lovely things about my group is that you never know when you’re going to randomly meet them or their families around town. It turns the whole experience of dieting into a really cool little social circle of like minded (and very friendly) people!

After a lovely meal I headed home – only for the day to end with something that really tickled me on Facebook. I spotted this comment from a mate on the picture of the 10.5 stone certificate that I’d posted earlier in the day, and it genuinely made me laugh out loud – so much that I had to share it.


So – when I finally went to bed I slept like a log and had the kind of rest that you only get when you’ve had a really really good day, spent with the right people at the right time and in the right places.

I genuinely count myself amongst the lucky when it comes to this aspect of my life. I have the good fortune to move in circles populated by good, kind and supportive individuals – who prove themselves worthy to be called friends over and over again.

I may be financially poor but I consider myself people rich.

As you may or may not have noticed I try not to refer to these friends by name in my blog, and don’t use any photos of them without explicit permission. I may be living a lot of my life in public lately – but I’m acutely aware that not everyone shares my enthusiasm for this, and consequently their lives are and always will be private.

Sometimes though I’m invited to include someone.

It’s pretty rare, but if I happen to get such an opportunity presented to me then I think it’s extremely rude not to take them up on the offer!

An ex colleague of mine (and great internet buddy) that’s been stalking my blog from day one remarked upon my progress during a chat back in August with an unusual (but quite motivating) demand.


Say hello to my intrepid friend Renke. She’s an international jet setting go getter of a lady with a passion for travel and has from the word go been supportive and helpful when it comes to my progress.

One day in August last year we were talking nonsense (as we tend to do) on WhatsApp. At the time I’d lost 4 stone 5lbs – a bag of cement – and was busy trying to motivate myself with goals from an earlier post here.


Until today I’d almost forgotten about this conversation – but she hadn’t and texted me to point out that I’ve lost around 69 kilos – reminding me that I have indeed lost a Renke!

I find it pretty mind boggling though that an entire person (who in the picture above was busy walking around large parts of Cambodia) is no longer with me.

It’s a bittersweet moment though – as she’s a nice sort – but despite her (quite understandable) enthusiasm for sharing my trousers I’ve regrettably had to eject her. She’ll do ok on her own though. She’s an independent person that’s always full of beans, and can purchase pants of her own 😀 .

Currently I’m listening to the little Davey in white with wings on my other shoulder instead of the one with horns in red and doubling down for that eleven stone certificate.

Over the coming week(s) I’ll be rummaging around in my jeans to see if Renke left any personal belongings behind. If I find any lost hiking equipment or her pink super princess dresses then they’ll get returned ASAP!

Ik kom direct terug!




  1. I love those unexpected moments, when you realise something that you used to struggle with, is now comfortable… I’ve found booth seating, bucket chairs, aircraft seat belts, and endless pokey toilet cubicles to deliver those positive moments.

    Just wondering if you’ve heard of the Annual Bloggers Bash – in its 3rd year now and coming up in June. Thought I’d post the details for you in case you would like to connect with fellow bloggers face-to-face. If the last two are anything to go by, expect a very convivial, happy and sociable event. Here’s just one of many links: http://sachablack.co.uk/2017/02/01/bloggers-bash-tickets-on-sale-now/ and there’s also a Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/991165987611263/ About 30 people first year, 60+ last year and who knows this year.

    Liked by 1 person

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