Sixteen inches smaller

Day two of ‘operation salad’ is in effect and so far things are going very nicely, although last night I found myself to be incredibly peckish which was annoying.

As well as trying to eat significantly less calories this week I’m also trying to eat less in terms of portion sizes. Usually this makes me go quietly insane.

I’m not so bad during the day when I’m busy – but when my time isn’t occupied in the evening I’m my own worst enemy.

Sunday came in ‘on budget’ however and finished with the following food consumed.

  • 4 x pork medallions (134kcal each)
  • 1 x large baking potato (90kcal)
  • 2 x sweet potato (130kcal)
  • Salad and home made salsa (all speed)
  • 7 or 8 Pickled gherkins (speed)
  • Can of mackerel (180kcal)
  • 2x sugar free werthers originals (1syn)
  • Cup of light hot chocolate (2syns)

Dinner looked pretty nice on the plate yesterday evening too. I’d made a red pepper, Chinese leaf lettuce, celery and mandolined carrot salad for speed. Next to that are garlic and sea salt wedges I’d done to accompany the remaining home made salsa left over from Saturday’s group tasting session.

The salad dressing is cider vinegar and wholegrain mustard and ‘yes’. It DID taste as good as it looked. 😏

I don’t faff about counting the speed food as it’s so low but I think the day came in at around 1000 kcal.

I know I’m not supposed to worry about calories on Slimming World – but I don’t want to leave this week to chance.

I also did the following exercise:

So – I’m counting yesterday as a tick in the ‘win’ column. This should be a day where I burned a lot more than I consumed, and therefore will hopefully equal weight loss.

There’s also some other good news to be had today, and it’s pretty darn great – even if I do say so myself.

After my post last week regarding the stress I’ve been going through surrounding clothing (and what I can affordably wear now that things are getting big) I made a few test purchases.

One of these was at my traditional high street source, and two others were via online stores reccomended by readers.

The first of the two online ones (from Jacamo in this case) came today and I took the long route around Warwick, through the park and over a couple of hills to pick up the parcel.

I no longer have stuff delivered to my house if I can help it, and instead get it sent to local drop off points approximately two miles away. This means that I never miss a delivery AND I get exercise walking there to pick it up.

When I got home (after a drink) I opened the package. It contained two 4xl tee shirts and two pairs of 50inch waisted jeans.

Now – I’d bought all four of these items fully expecting them to be snug, and to have something to work towards. My trousers in particular I assumed would be a significant work in progress.

Not so. My new jeans not only fit but there’s room in the waistband for me to put my fist in there easily! I will need to wear them with a belt and can start to use them right away!!!

This is now the lowest sized pair of jeans that I have owned in recent memory. I think this actually takes me back to a period in history before the millennium – as I have absolutely nothing to compare with them in my wardrobe, apart from the 52’s I’ve been wearing that were at the bottom of my clothing suitcase. They were purchased in 2008.

(Prepare for a gratuitous bold capitalised font)


So there’s my non-scale victory for the day. Heck – this one will probably last me for the month!

In other unrelated news I watched ‘Sully’ (the story of the Miracle on the Hudson) the other night.

If you like Tom Hanks then you’ll love this – as he’s at his best playing the modest Everyman hero that he does so well. Plus it made me cry. Twice. So it’s probably good for a date night too (since Valentine’s Day is edging ever closer) as long that is as you are going on a night of romance with a partner that has a stiff upper lip.

One of you will need keep it together so they can be in charge of passing out the tissues to the blubbering wreck like me!

Anyway – time to cook dinner… I still haven’t decided quite what to have yet internet – but whatever it is there won’t be many calories!!!

Tune in for the next exciting instalment of ‘the tubby man eats lettuce‘ later this week, where our hero might just grate some ginger and make something nice!



  1. Wow 16 inches! That’s a lot! Well done Davey! 😀

    Oh do make sure you do not under eat calorie wise though. 1000 calls is actually a bit too low for a man, especially if he is doing additional excersize. From experience I know undereating can cause binding later on in the week (yep, been there, done that), so make sure not too eat too little ok?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wasn’t intending to be quite so low tbh – however on other weeks where I’ve been doing slimming world and added up the totals I’ve realised that 1500 – 2000 had been the norm.

      Trust me though Davey will never starve lol 😂

      He’s also never suffered from binding – it’s more like ‘riding the log flume’ 😄


  2. Ok that’s comforting to read :). Sunday two weeks ago I ate waayyy to few calories (800) and then the next day hell week hit…. o.o I don’t think I have ever ingested that much food in one day. It was INSANE! I somehow still managed to actually loose weight that week though… o.o I will never know how hahaha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha – in slimming world they cal it star week 😄 and they ALL hate it.

      I had no idea what they were talking about to begin with – as it’s slimming world proprietary code 😄

      I thought their kids all had high school talent shows!!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. That name sounds waaayy to cheerful for that week haha. XD I prefer hell week, as it seems fitting: hellish pains (ok thankfully I only have these occasionally), lethargy and your diet goes to hell hahha.


    1. You have my sympathy. Although I’m sure there are many many many advantages to being a lady this is something that I’ve never been jealous of.

      Mind you – ladies also don’t have to contend with the sensation of accidentally bruised boy parts either. Although this occasional occurrence doesn’t follow a monthly cycle (and therefore is very a poor comparison) it is a pain quite unlike anything else lol

      If only men and women could swap for a month and experience each other’s perspective… I bet there would be a lot less arguments and a lot more understanding husbands standing by with hot water bottles and chocolates 😀


      1. Haha so true! I never really liked the: women have it soooooo much harder than men! argument. Honestly, as you say, everyone has something they have to deal with that’s not particularly pleasant in life.

        Thankfully I have a lovely fiance who at some point shared a house with 5 other women… 😛 So he knows what to expect haha. So that definitely helps.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. He must be well practiced in the arts of diplomacy and able to sense land mines before stepping on them after that lol.

        The rest of us (less practiced in this area) just hear a ‘click’ and wait to see our legs flying past our ears 😄

        Liked by 1 person

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