Lettuce move on

It probably comes as no surprise that I awoke the morning thinking about yesterday’s small weight gain.

However, it may come as a surprise to some (it certainly did to me) that I was laughing.

Somewhere in the back of my subconscious while dreaming I’d been playing with puns and had tickled myself pink with a potential post title. I’m groaning as I type it (with a wry smile) but the frankly awful pun was “lettuce move on’.

The point behind it was that rather than see my gain as the traditionally apocalyptic event it might have been in the past it presents a great opportunity to get back to basics, buy lots of lettuce, eat loads of fresh vegetables, cook some new meals that I’ve not tried before, keep walking and exercising and generally feeling good about life rather than dwelling on the 2.5 pounds 0f fat/water/muscle/brain (we all know its most likely to be the latter) that I added to myself last week.

For once I’m even willing to embrace the metric system and note that in kilos I only put on 1.13kg. That’s so inconsequential that it’s almost not even a number. Other, more important and august numbers are probably at this very moment looking down at it with a justifiable sense of disdain and calling into question both it’s value and highly questionable (and possibly scandalous) lineage.

The great thing about a gain is that I like salad. I love it in fact. Lettuce is like a friend that’s never ever let me down (apart from an unfortunate incident with a carving knife and a caterpillar in the 90’s) and continues to have my back when things get tough. Flanked on either side by intimidating looking bags of carrots and followed by an army of tomatoes it’s always been willing to go into bat for me when times call for it.

Several readers so far have suggested after my rant about clothes the other day a number of places that I could purchase various items – and I’ve not only taken on board what they’ve come up with, but even whipped out my debit card and bought a few items.

However – these are slightly aspirational purchases. The shirts tug a little when I sit down, and I’m sure the online items (when they arrive) will do too. That’s kind of the point though. I’m not going to be triumphantly wearing these items just yet. I still have clothes that fit. These are for the next stage, a teeny little bit further away.

So – I’m going to smash it this week and get rid of that gain.

If anyone has any (Slimming World friendly) recipes that they think I should try to achieve this aim then feel free to post them in the comments. If I like them I might just give it a go and post the results!

In the meantime internet prepare yourselves for a week of posts that will most likely be overly burdened by pictures of my food. If I have my way you’ll soon be salivating and looking with disinterest at the awful pizza menus that invariably keep falling through your letterboxes.

Lettuce begin.




  1. Good attitude for your small gain Davey. It’s not the end of the world and going back to basics is a good thing. After the Christmas gain of 4lbs, I reread the SW literature to recap and the following week had lost four and a half. Great salad picture……….. is it a hot one (just discovered the pleasure of hot batoned cucumber), and what is your dressing please?

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    1. It’s not hot either in temperature or flavour – it’s just some white wine vinegar mixed with whole grain mustard (which has a small syn value of about 0.5 per teaspoon I think).

      It never hurts to re-read the literature. I’m going to make something new for a change that I don’t normally do and have a few SP days. I’ve also already walked 6.5 miles and 12,000+ steps today so I’m not taking this blip lying down lol 👍🏽

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  2. Yesterday I tried curried lentils with ginger (recipe on the Slimming World website) which was delicious and super cheap. In the picture it’s served with rice but I had it with roasted butternut squash instead for extra speed. Anyway, it’s lovely and fragrant and fills up the kitchen with delicious smelling spices! There are a couple of syns for coconut milk (I used light instead) and lime pickle, which is less syns than I thought it would be but I doubt it’d make much of a different if it was left out to be honest.

    Also I love the attitude, *that’s* what makes the real difference between a good week and a bad one!


    1. Thanks Hayley – I’ll have a hunt on the page! It’s shopping day today so I’m going to have an exploratory browse through potential recipes beforehand!

      I do feel positive (inexplicably!) but I sense that it may be at least partially dependant upon being a good boy this week lol


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  3. The pun made me laugh, I love puns! I’m glad that you are using the temporary downfall as a positive push. I read a book recently that said we sometimes need an unexpected catalyst to push us forward out of our routine. It seems very fitting quote here. You’ve put the positive spin on it!!
    Pictures of your food are helping me focus on mine too, since they are now comprised greatly of Lettuce 🙂

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