Achievement unlocked!

There’s not much to report today – and so far I’ve had my head solidly buried in job and education sites. This will probably continue for the rest of the day in between me slowly simmering and stirring a huge cauldron of beef soup and popping out on little errands.

However – I thought I’d pass on the news that my first little Apple Watch victory popped yesterday evening when I closed the third ring of the day and received my (although it’s probably important only to me!) achievement badge for the week’s activity.

For those that missed it the challenge was to fill all three rings every day (Sunday to Monday) on any week in January. Although I’ve had the watch since it launched this is something I’ve never done before. I’m not sure whether this says more about my attitude to cardio based exercise up until now or my level of fitness in general.

Maybe it’s a little of both!

The mildly annoying thing about this achievement is (with the possible exception of yesterday) how much I enjoyed doing it. I have no idea why I didn’t try it before. I know for sure I’ll be attempting to maintain this kind of activity, and have re-initialised reminders on my watch that I’d previously turned off to try and keep my head in the game.

Who knows – maybe I can keep it up for a month?




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