A damp Sunday

It’s good to take pride in things that your country does well.

The land of my birth has its faults – but if there’s one thing that it’s eminently capable of producing it’s rain. Looking at the forecast for the week the gradual saturation of Warwickshire is set to continue for a while – so I may as well embrace it and get out there. It’s not going to stop just for me.

I’m not alone though thankfully.

Whilst turning over in my mind possible excuses NOT to go out today I noticed a picture of a bedraggled woman on my Slimming World Facebook group. This little dynamo of a lady had not only been out in the rain that I was planning to turn my nose up at, she’d been RUNNING in it and was absolutely soaked. Her hair was dripping in her picture – as was the rest of her.

But she was proud of herself for making the effort.

To be honest it was all the motivation I needed at just the right time. What was a bit of rain? I’d briskly walk down to the park, do a lap, pop to the shop, come back home, tidy up and do some lunch. That would add up to around four miles worth of activity and around 10,000 steps.

The park was sodden. I don’t go there too often when it’s waterlogged because all of the paths basically become mini lakes with occasional islands of pavement. Annoyingly before I’d set out I’d put on the one and only pair of denims that I have left which aren’t comically baggy.

However – despite being warm and comfy, the hem on these almost touches the floor, meaning that the bottom of my trousers by my heels act like a sponge in the rain. They had soon sucked all of the water up from the park and made absolutely sure my ankles didn’t miss out and made them nice and wet too.

But it was nice being outside nevertheless. You can’t beat the freshness in the air when it’s raining.


There’s also a sense of wellbeing and accomplishment that comes from going out and braving the elements, especially when you know that you could have easily done the opposite and been lazy at home, in the warm, on your sofa with your feet on a pouffe watching the TV.

I had a quick look for the swanling – but it’s no-where to be seen. I’ve not clapped eyes on it for a couple of weeks now and I’m beginning to wonder if something has happened to it or whether its moved on.

Nevertheless I had a friend coming over for dinner soon – so the next quick stop had to be the supermarket just down the road. I’d already most of the items I needed the night before, but couldn’t carry any more things and left behind the ‘nice to have’ things in favour of the ‘cannot do without’ items.

My local shop has some special offers on at the moment – including Braeburn Apples (my favourite and they’re six for 69p!) so I thought I’d buy a couple of packs, get some more fat free natural yogurt and make myself some cinnamon and apple desserts as an evening treat.

After an hour or so of prep lunch turned out pretty nice – and there wasn’t a syn in sight.

Because they cook through much quicker I decided to buy chicken breast goujons rather than full breasts. These were fried up (in spray oil) with onions, garlic and half a chicken stock pot.

The roast parsnips, sweet potato and parsnips were mixed with crushed garlic and spray oil (to coat them) before giving them a light salt dusting to crisp up the edges in the oven. The boiled veg consisted of savoy cabbage, green beans, carrots and sprouts.

I didn’t take a photo of the gravy unfortunately but it was made from a carton of passata, some of the fried onions that I cooked with the chicken goujons, 1 clove of garlic and the other half of the chicken stock pot.

This is a suggestion someone gave me in SW and frankly it tastes delicious – but sadly it’s also pureed tomato and consequently isn’t particularly photogenic on a dinner plate covering one’s Sunday lunch. It has the habit of making a wonderful dinner look a bit like a murder scene…

Trust me when I say though that if you dont care if your gravy is brown or red you should chuck those fattening gravy granules in the bin and go for the passata alternative!

Finally – sitting here now my friend has gone home, and feeling a bit full I am irritatingly aware that still have some work to do. My green exercise ring (despite walking around five miles today) is not full and is teetering around the 16 minute mark.

I’m planning on shooting aliens online this evening – so I need to bite the bullet and get on my exercise bike sooner rather than later. To be absolutely truthful today I haven’t felt particularly motivated – and I’m not sure why. I had great sleep, ate well yesterday and didn’t overdo anything exercise wise – but from the moment I opened my eyes today I’ve felt lethargic and tired.

It’s not going to stop me though. I have to do just a bit more and I have my Apple Watch achievement.

Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday internet!



  1. I could eat your lunch! We had roast chicken (reduced whole cooked chicken in the supermarket and I can get two if not three meals for the two of us out of the stripped carcass), brocolli, cauliflower, carrots and boiled potatoes, plus gravy granules with the veg water (1 syn) and dropped stuffing balls (half packet made 5 so about 2 syns total).
    If you get a dog, you’ll probably be walking in all weathers. We have no garden, so have to take Maggie up to the dog walk (quarter of a mile to and from) or Avenue (1 mile route) for the business. Fluorescent yellow coats and leggings R us!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your dinner sounds lovely!!! I tend not to buy the whole bird as a lot of it goes to waste and I chuck a lot (like skin) due to the fat.

      I quite like walking in the rain actually – today though I just didn’t have the mojo for it lol!!!


      1. I don’t usually buy a whole bird either, but already cooked and reduced to less than £3, it’s a cheap dinner (excuse pun). Hubby got a bargain a while ago at 49p for a whole cooked chicken. Honest. We’d be daft not to! We’ll be having the rest tomorrow with the remainder of the veg tossed in the frying pan with some mushrooms and the rest of the stuffing (Hubby likes his stuffing). 🙂


      2. oh, I strip the meat off the bird anyway, and neither us nor Maggie has the skin. I was a novelty in NZ as I didn’t eat the skin on my chicken (they do) but I did eat the skin on my jacket potato (they don’t).

        Liked by 1 person

      1. O.o seriously? Ever since I have gone to England that’s kind of the go to restaurant chain if I want decent and cheap pub food ahaha. What I really appreciate is that include the calories with every meal on their menu 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Omg… it must be fantastic then! I have only had a Sunday roast once (because I always tend to leave the UK on Saturdays as I usually have to work on Monday), but if I get the chance I will definitely check it out 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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