Well – it finally snowed last night. However the ‘snowpocalypse’ that the weathermen have been warning us about managed to pretty much thaw as soon as the sun came up – despite me being out and exploring by 9am.

Irritatingly the light dusting we recieved wasn’t even mildly photogenic – just really soggy and accompanied by a bitterly cold breeze – so (my dear reader) you will have to imagine the splendour that could have been and ignore the sodden, dripping reality that was.

To add insult to injury my friend in the Czech Republic sent me a photo last night of snow drifts outside her house. Despite her continued protestations about how tons and tons of the stuff day after day gets really really boring really really quick I still want to build a snowman.

Unbelievably she also refused to go outside, lie in the snow, do some snow angels and send me pictures to make up for the mild weather I’m enduring in the UK.

Some people are just selfish!

However – to counterbalance my profound disappointment over the sorry state of the morning’s weather I finally got some quality sleep last night. I went to bed packed full of hot beef stew and nestled under a couple of thick warm duvets before immediately dropping off.

When I woke up almost exactly eight hours later at 8am the first thing that popped into my head was the task of filling my Apple Watch exercise ring so that I didn’t have to worry about doing it later in the day. I’d go for a brisk walk and hunt for snow drifts in shady places.

However – once I was outside I found that my enthusiasm for the task hand was in short supply. As I rounded the soggy corner to leave my soggy street I realised I’d have to dig deep to find a good reason to rattle off four miles outside rather than turning around and going back into the warmth of my house to sit on my exercise bike.

The wind hit my face like an icy brick and was insanely cold. I pulled my double thickness gloves on, yanked my wooly hat down over my ears and turned my collar up – moving forward and muttering under my breath.

Ironically – only once I’d finished 90 minutes of walking powered only by grim determination (and had filled my green exercise ring) my previously motivation arrived late and completely out of the blue.

I received an e-mail to tell me that I didn’t get the job that I had an interview for on Monday. What’s more they gave me almost zero helpful feedback. The grading criteria for the interview was simply a number – which was supposed to explain every aspect of how they felt about my answers and competency. It translated (in the supplied key) to one word.


Now what I’m supposed to gather from this, or read into it is utterly beyond me – so I find myself with a burst of useless energy thats mostly supplied by being totally *****d off. I can happily deal with constructive criticism – but being left in a vacuum without input of any kind really gets my goat.

Still – I have to view this as a stepping stone and nothing more. I doubt very much it will be the only time that this will happen, and I already know deep down what I probably could have done better.

Having thought long and hard about my interview this week (which is mostly the culprit behind my crappy sleep) I also have a list of things I could have done prior to attending to better prepare – and what I probably need to add to my CV in the coming weeks to improve my chances.

Now it’s time to start working on those things and move swiftly on rather then feeling glum, because that’s going to get me absolutely no-where.

Besides- there is reason to be cheerful.

I found my happy in Sainsburys the other day for 60p in a post Christmas sale. I’d been wondering whether or not I was too mature, wise (and disarmingly handsome) to use it – but after today I’ve decided that it makes me smile and it cheers me up.


I’m sure you’ll agree that nothing says to a prospective partner ‘this man is a grown up and definitely appears to be relationship material’ more than a shiny new R2-D2 velcro wallet!!!

Now all I need is the courage to wear my Pikachu shaped Pokemon rucksack and my bright red Super Mario plumber hat in public and I’ll be sorted!

Finally – another interesting side effect of my cardio push this week is that today I’ve not been stressing about my weigh in tomorrow – which is a complete first for me. I have no idea why though – as exercise (when taken in larger then usual amounts) has in the past stopped me from losing weight or instead given me a very slight loss.

I still really want my 10 stone certificate by the end of January but- for the time being at least I’m focused on things other than numbers on the scales and just really enjoying the sense of wellbeing that I have from all my exercise.

That may change though internet if i don’t lose at least two and a half pounds tomorrow.

Tune in on Saturday to see if I throw my toys out of the pram after stepping on the scales and whether I’ve had to barricade myself in my house to deter the ladies attracted to my R2-D2 wallet.



  1. Whist I was disappointed you did not watch Rogue One in IMAX 3D both times you watched it. (As I did) your wallet more than makes up for it. That job would have blown goats. You will get a much better one. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lol whereas you lament the lack of snow I am rejoicing haha. I am fine with snow as long as I don’t have to work… Trains are a nightmare whenever there is just a tiny speck…

    Love the R2-D2 wallet 😀 Also: I want a pic of that Picachu backpack! I cannot believe you have one: those are so cute!!!

    Perhaps you should be glad you didn’t get accepted by a company that treats people this way. Also adequate is a pretty damn good start though for an interview you thought didn’t go that well.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Awwhh men, and here I was getting all excited haha. 😛 I have been eying those (and a couple of Disney ones) for years… but never bought them, cause I wouldn’t use them haha.

        Liked by 1 person

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