Comfy shoes

It’s often the case that when you can least afford it things fall apart and need replacing. I came to the conclusion this week that despite my attempts to prolong their life with new soles that my walking boots might have reached the end of their operational life.

I’ve been worried that I’d started developing arthritis in the big toe of my left foot for a couple of weeks and have been having intermittent shooting pain in its joint- but it seems that I may have mis-diagnosed myself, and the cause is a lot simpler.

When I put my hand inside my boot the other day and mooched around I could feel (in the place above the knuckle of my big toe) the protruding base of the metal lace rivet through the now rather worn upper lining. It seems that what I have ACTUALLY been feeling is related to tired footwear – and may not be my advancing years after all (despite one of my friends now using a Santa Claus emoji as a Dave emoji lol).

This is good news and bad news – as I’m probably not going to be crippled just yet – but I’m on a pretty strict budget lately. Normally I’d switch to my long suffering trainers – but I realised that they had also chosen to give up the ghost last week when I noticed that the soles were hanging off both of them.

Even with the miracle of super glue I don’t think they’re going to go the distance…

However – some things can’t be avoided and my feet are important. Without them I can’t do what I need to continue doing to lose weight. So far this week I’m up to 41 miles walked, and I need to keep the momentum going.

So I treated myself to a cheap pair in the January sales – for the first time stepping away from my preferred Berghaus brand – which were more than twice the price (my new, cheaper ones are Karrimor). Only time will tell whether this attempt to save cash is a false economy or not – but for the time being (based on the two miles I walked home in them today) it’s been a wise purchase.

They seem pretty sturdy and VERY comfortable – especially with my Tesco own brand (also cheap – but not as cheap as the ones I bought from Aldi which fell apart within the space of one month!!!) ‘blister resistant’ walking socks.


I didn’t mention it yesterday – but one of the reasons I felt a bit low to start with was that I’ve been thinking that I may be being a bit naive about my diabetes.

I’ve been very focused lately on the possibility that I can eat and exercise my way out of my condition – but I think I also may have to accept that even with all of my advances lately I’m still enormously overweight and I sit at the top end of (and probably well beyond) what most people might consider to be an acceptable size.

Since I can’t find any clothes in mainstream shops beyond a 3xl I’m guessing that in today’s (increasingly obese) society this is the top end of ‘normal’ – even though this would still mean a very unhealthy BMI. I’m a 5xl at the moment and steadily dropping.

If you remember – a type two diabetic should strive to be between 4-7 mm0/l when tested and since December 27th I’ve stopped one pill altogether and reduced my Metformin dose down to one a day (it used to be four).

  • 27th Dec – 5.2 (midday)
  • 28th Dec – 6.1 (10am)
  • 29th Dec – 6.2 (9am)
  • 30th Dec – 5.4 (11.30am)
  • 31st Dec – 5.6 (12.30pm)
  • 1st Jan – 6.0 (1.30pm)
  • 2nd Jan – 5.3 (12.15pm)
  • 3rd Jan – 7.2 (1pm after food)
  • 4th Jan – 7.4 (3pm after food)
  • 5th Jan – 5.9 (9am)
  • 6th Jan – 4.7 (2pm)

Now – I’ve been testing myself before eating. Also – rightly or wrongly (I’m not hiding anything from you guys) lately I often do not eat breakfast.

I know I know. That probably makes me a naughty boy, but it’s something I’ve never felt like doing – even as a child. When I do have breakfast I feel like I’m eating for the sake of it and often overall I feel I end up eating more over the course of the day than I otherwise would if I skipped it.

I also haven’t been testing my levels after food in the evenings (partially because I don’t have many testing strips left and need a new prescription) and I’m beginning to think now that maybe I should.

So what all this boils down to (given the two slight spikes in red) is that I’m beginning to wonder if I’m trying to run before I can walk. I have over ten stone left to lose and in my mind I want all of the improvements NOW. Maybe I just have to accept that this must be incremental change rather than a sudden turning of the tide.

However – at the risk of neglecting the positives I am now on ONE FIFTH of the medication I was previously on and this week I have (if I don’t move for the remainder of the day) walked 41 miles since my last weigh in.

Even so – that word is still floating in my mind internet. PlateauI’m even dreaming about it now.

I think I’m going to go for another walk to clear my head. Writing isn’t helping today…



  1. I really hope that you get a good loss out of that scale this Saturday so you can let go of the plateau idea. 🙂

    Also those boots look like some killer walking shoes! 😀 Make sure to give your feet some time to adjust though :).

    With regards to breakfast: do what works for you. The reason why you get the feeling to eat more when you had breakfast is because you kickstart your metabolism with it. As such you also tend to burn more on a day. Eating around 5-6 times a day (incl. Fruit snacks) works like a charm for me and my parents, but this does not necessarily have to work for you. 🙂


    1. You’re not the only one who hopes I get a good loss. This thought is driving me nuts!!!

      I think if I ate 5-6 times a day with my crappy portion control you’d have to hire a team of sharp toothed beavers to cut me out of my house 😂


  2. Plateau? You’re still losing! Ok, not as much as previous weeks but isnt 2lb a week supposed to be a good healthy weight loss that’s sustainable? Enormously overweight? Yeh, maybe, but steadily dropping….in other words going in exactly the right direction! Over ten stone left to lose? Yeh, maybe, but you’re half way there! (OK, not quite, maths was never my strong point, but you know what i mean!)

    41 miles this week… thats pretty impressive stuff. Maybe that kind of backs up why my bitfit thinks I’m a lazy cow 😀

    Pull yourself together man, give yourself a good talking to (and for anyone horrified by that comment, Davey knows me well and knows how its meant!) and be as impressed with where you’ve got to as the rest of us are. Get your new walking shoes broken in so that we can have a twalking date and convince my bitfit to change its impression of me!


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  3. Well dons for the way you’re bringing your diabetes under control – that’s such an important part of what you’re doing. I’ve just found your blog from a comment you left elsewhere and I will be following your journey with great interest. I’m 70 pounds down from my starting point of 19 stone in September 2015 and like you, I’m doing it with healthy food and healthy habits. I’m inspired by your commitment to walking too. You last write with wit and self awareness – your blog is a great read.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Jools! Great to have you on board 🤗

      If you go further back in my Homeric odyssey of a blog (I write maybe too much lol) you’ll see that starting the exercise was where the blood sugars changed.

      Now I get grumpy without it!!

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