Christmas Eve weigh in

Christmas Eve. Saturday. Weigh in day. It’s 8.35am.

The alarm just went off but I wasn’t really asleep. I never am on a Saturday. I have been half dreaming and half consciously calculating the dietary sins and virtues of the last seven days.

This week has been a mixed bag of seemingly unstoppable munchies at the weekend (Saturday the worst – but I ate large quantities of relatively good food rather than horrendously bad) and made some attempts to pull it around with exercise around midweek.

I’ve been trying to keep up my walking average despite the dip in temperature – but I’ll admit this week it’s been a tough sell to meet my target of 35-40 miles a week. Apple Watch thinks it’s 32 so far – which is honestly more than I expected.

Hmmm. It could go either way. Hopefully I’ve done enough. Although I can’t go nuts today it’s Christmas and I want to find some culinary way of treating myself without the guilt. I have some decadent M&S ham chunks in my mind – but I’m not having them unless I lose weight.

My group is meeting earlier than normal and I need to get ready. Back shortly.

(Author heads for the shower, makes coffee and walks to the group)

Wow. The school hall was almost completely empty when I arrived. There was just one other lady there! I guess Christmas eve is a tough sell for a weigh in day!

Although there were not many fellow slimmers (a couple drifted in as I was leaving) there was was a small but significant atmosphere of solidarity today. We’d all managed to put some weight back on unfortunately.

So – it looks like its going to be a week of austerity rather than a week of celebration for me – but hey ho. No lovely ham chunks for me today. It’s salad and grilled chicken time!!!

I’m going for Christmas dinner with family tomorrow, and I intend to relax, not think (too hard) about employment, losing weight, or anything else that causes stress. I plan to have good times with people I love, whilst watching the Doctor Who special and playing some video games.

I also plan to have a few walks! Anyway – I’m going to enjoy my Christmas eve.

I hope whatever you’re doing internet, and whatever you celebrate, and however you do it – and no matter what it is that you thoroughly enjoy yourselves!

Happy Christmas!




  1. Well it is the season to be jolly and to put on weight haha. I am pretty sure the scales are going to be snarky to me as well tomorrow. Don’t let it get you down though! Enjoy your Christmas Eve 🙂

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  2. You know what is so good about this post? The positivity shining through despite the small gain. Well done you! Scales are known to be evil buggers at christmas time, so good to know that you’re not letting them beat you! Happy Christmas Davey xxx

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