I can wear my coat!

There are some eclectic and upbeat tunes playing in the background, and as I type ‘Don’t stop believing’ by Journey is just finishing and turning into ‘Labour of love’ by Hue and Cry.

I’m in an excellent mood and so are the people around me. Today I have finally managed to get into my jacket – a waterproof mac I’ve been saving since I was last able to get into it in 2008. 

It’s casually hanging off the back of a little (hateful) red chair to the left of me, and despite basically just being a plain garment, and nothing special – to me it’s a badge of pride that has managed to genuinely put a lump in my throat.

What’s more currently I’m in good company – as the Slimming World regulars are an observant lot. Angie clocked the unusual garment as soon as I walked through the door and complemented on it me right away.

I do love coming here on a Saturday.

The ladies here know what it means to me and quite a few remarked that I was (very unusually for me) wearing a jacket.

It feels epic when people notice something new about you!

It’s not just my new wardrobe that’s making me feel good though. As much as the ladies around me notice things about me I feed off their success and wins too. A REALLY happy woman has just stepped off the scales and is the proud recipient of her Club 10 (which means she’s lost 10% her body weight) award after six months working towards it.

There was much whooping and cheering around the weigh station as she virtually leapt off the machine cheering with a big smile with her hands in the air.

(In my over active imagination she also backflipped around the room and vaulted over the upright piano by the stairs as well – but as I have mentioned before I’m prone to flights of fancy.)

Another infectiously smiley lady has gone down another notch on her belt this week and looks fabulous. She’s managed to get a GOLD body magic award today and the list of exercise she’s been packing in every night is really impressive.

She’s doing proper cardio workouts (unlike me) which has made me think that this should become my long term goal too.

I love it in group where people give me ideas and make me modify my goals!

I even got some suggestions about how I could improve my image with a hair makeover (it might admittedly take a tiny bit of growing to implement this) while a lady with a particularly vibrant and eye catching new plummy auburn colour was soaking up some justly deserved compliments on her new look.

I’m not sure I could do it the same justice she does though. I’ll put these plans on the back burner for now…

It’s ALL going on today!!! Why would anyone not want to be here feeling the love?!

So how did I do today?

For my part I’m back on track baby! After last week’s flu related maintain I’ve managed to lose 6lbs this week, so I’m the proud recipient of a six and a half stone award!!!

Angie pointed out that my average weight loss (despite some fluctuations) is still 3.5lbs per week.

This also puts me into a new number category. I’m now 27st 13.5lbs.

(That’s 177.5kg to my loyal Belgian and Dutch readers)

Putting on my jacket and doing the zip up this morning made me realise that I’m getting close to the LOWEST I’ve been this millennium.

The coat I’m now able to squeeze into is the one pictured below. This photo of me was taken in 2008 on a rather damp coast walking holiday in Cornwall with a most excellent friend.

(I apologise for the gratuitous beard free full frontal facial nudity)

My lowest recorded weight in recent memory was 24st 5lbs (which is approximately what I was in the photo above) and I’m now about three and a half stone away from being back there.

This coat therefore is immensely symbolic, and it’s why I couldn’t bear to throw it away.

Granted – if I sit down in it currently with the zip done up I may just manage to suffocate myself in public – but this means that at least while standing upright I can walk in all weathers now.

I can’t put into words how positive this makes me feel. 

I’m walking on (Nike) air not just because my boots are with the cobbler – but because I’m currently making all the difficult but RIGHT choices in life and experiencing the sometimes slow but always rewarding benefits that they bring.

I’ve not set a goal weight – but I’m thinking that around 14-15 stone is a reasonable end point.

I’m never going to be Brad Pitt, and I’m fine with that. I just want to be a healthy weight and be able to wear normal clothes, sit in the same seats as other people on busses and planes and maybe one day even start thinking about changing my home life.

It’s on days like today, knowing I still have over HALF of my body weight to lose, that I feel I can do it. Every right decision and every motivated moment is a step in the right direction.

So. What to do with the rest of the day? It seems rude not to go for a coffee and a walk, so I think thats exactly what I’m going to do.

I’ve realised after listening to reports on my whereabouts from readers that my route into Leamington passes not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR of the ladies houses in my group – and that I’m being spotted going about my daily activities quite regularly.

To be completely honest this is great!

I’ve moved slowly from feeling that the entire world wants to hang out of a car and call me names to feeling that I’m making people smile in their kitchens as they see me ambling past.

It’s nice to know that people think of me as a positive ‘can do’ person and furthermore see evidence of me doing positive things every day towards my goals. For so long I felt like I had to hide and not show myself to the world – and now they’re watching, and I don’t mind one bit.

In fact it spurs me on.

Internet – if you’re wondering whether you should get up off your collective bottoms and go out and do something the answer is an emphatic ‘YES‘.

Move your booty and feel great about yourself. You deserve it.



      1. Sometimes the only thing that keeps me going is that one day I’ll get to my goal.

        Well – that and the promise of a Dutch tap dancing selfie with Mickey Mouse.

        We all have things on our bucket list 😀


      2. 🙂 It’s good to keep the end goal in sight, but also make sure to set yourself these kinds of tiny goals in between.

        haha! Unfortunately I didn’t get my picture taken with any of the characters: the lines were really long. I do have some selfies and pictures taken in Disney (and Versailles) though! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Davey…… I’m worried……is Angie going to run out of stickers? That girl must have the biggest sticker collection EVER but closely followed by you! Fantastic acheivement so far xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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