Unexpected conclusion

Myself and my 40 something friend (we are both of a ‘certain’ age) were playing with the infinite refill Pepsi machine in the pub the other day, giggling like we were still at school.

Our rebellious streaks were in full flood, and with Lime, Cherry, Strawberry, Vanilla and Original flavours to choose from we were busy creating frankenstein’s monsters of drinks for ourselves.

I made a long pour of lime Pepsi Max (my personal favourite), paused and followed it with an inch of strawberry.

I took a quick sip and swilled it like a fine wine. It had a delicate bouquet but maybe it needed something else…

I could sense my companion’s anticipation as he stood expectantly next to me. The glass was nearly full. I paused, hovering over the terminal and feeling rebellious. I quickly pressed the button. A dash of vanilla to top it off. The drink was MINE and unique.

I owned it.

I sipped the sweet syrupy Pepsi mashup and watched as he too combined Strawberry and Vanilla, tasted the resultant drink, nodded and approved its makeup.

We strode back to our table feeling rebellious and unwilling to conform to social norms. The surrounding pensioners WISHED they were as cool as us. You could just tell.

This I guess is what currently passes for me being wild. But I’m ok with that. I quite like it now and I stopped feeling hard done by some time ago.

I rebel with coffee and fizzy drinks – not alcohol and food. My signposts of success have become Slimming World stickers and I celebrate with walks and salads rather than wine and pies.

However – at this moment in time I was here to enjoy myself and had been gagging for a roast dinner for some time. We had a lovely meal, and I counted ALL OF MY SYNS. There were 14 in total, but each indivdual one of them was REALLY worth it. The company was also superb and we left feeling virtuous.

That was days ago though and this morning I was full of trepidation before the weigh in. I had eaten much more than usual yesterday, felt a bit bloated and I didn’t know what that would mean on the scales.

A friend texted me to wish me luck – and to point out that it was ‘Better weather for ducks, unicorns n Davey’s today!’ She wasn’t kidding. I peeked out of the window and sure enough it was slashing it down.

I ALMOST decided to take the car, but my brolly was by the front door – and although I may be anthropomorphising a little I’m sure it looked sad that I was planning to deny it a chance to be useful.

I huffed, took my car key OFF my keychain, grabbed my whimpering puppy of an umbrella and headed to Slimming World.

Inanimate objects are obviously interlinked – and the kindness showed to my umbrella was clearly noticed by the scales when they graciously signalled a 2.5lb weight loss.

I’m absolutely chuffed to bits about this (despite it being less than the last couple of weeks) as it’s all still going in the right direction.

I’ve only got 2lbs to go now before I get my four and a half stone award. Hopefully next week will win me another sticker for my book!!!

I also got to see a few friendly faces there – some back off holiday, one returning from her wedding (looking very happy) whilst others were bravely drawing a line in the sand and doubling down with their efforts.

At the end of the meeting I sat chatting to what in my eyes equated to superwoman. I’ve mentioned her in passing in my blog before – she works in a bakery and is surrounded all day long by pastry.

Pies are my kryptonite and yet she navigates them day in and day out.

Like me she’s also becoming happier with photos of herself and is proudly posting pictures of her recent holiday on the group page.

One of the reasons I love staying to meetings is there’s ALWAYS someone that provides inspiration and when all I can think of is food it’s really cool to see their before and after photos.

Plus I genuinely get pleasure from seeing them succeed – so it’s a double win!

(Gets home. Thinks about the four and a half stone sticker and the facefull of mini quiches yesterday and walks into Leamington, feeling maybe a little downbeat.)

Currently I’m sat on a wall in the shade. It’s hotter than I thought it would be and this is taking some of the pleasure out of the walk. I’ve modified my route a little so it’s slightly longer but has more shade.

Today I took no chances. I put suntan lotion all over my chest and arms UNDER my shirt, re-applied half way and brought it with me to top up later.

Although it’s hot the route seems easier than last time. I’m still finding it tough (this is my fourth garden wall) but the last time it was definitely a bit more of a slog.

(Arrives at Leamington a little crispy)

I think I pulled something new in my foot on the way – but I’m here now and taking it easy with my coffee. That’s two miles toward the weekly total. I still feel strangely subdued though and I’m not sure why.

(Sips coffee and listens to the hubub)

As always getting off my tubby behind was a good idea. My skin, weight, self perception, worries about eating quiches are nothing in the great scheme of things.

They are in fact completely irrelevant.

Often when I start writing I know roughly how I’m going to finish a post. However sometimes my words unexpectedly write themselves and today is one of those days.

I’ve been sitting listening to the guy on the next table and it transpires he’s recovering from a serious brain injury. He’s been repeating himself several times, and keeps forgetting what he’s already said to his friend, who he appears to be meeting for the first time.

As he leaves I see under his loose grey vest and shorts is a shiny black prosthetic leg. He is using a walking cane to steady himself and appears partially paralysed.

On the way out of the shop despite his mobility difficulties he takes the time to walk over to the counter and thank all the staff for their help and wish them a good day.

He smiles at everyone as he leaves and greets people on the way in, holding the door for them.

Internet – today I want to be half the man this guy is, and I’m going to forget about my insignificant waistline worries and just be glad to be alive and happy.

What I have ahead of me is way easier than the hardships this man appears to endure every day – and even so he’s still smiling at baristas.

I’m suddenly amazingly thankful for all I’ve got in life.

Look after yourselves. We’re all we’ve got.



  1. 😀 It’s awesome that you got to enjoy yourself and still got a loss. Perhaps it means that the loss next will be greater. Either way though, as a wise man once said to be: a loss, is a loss, is a loss ;).

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