Stained glass and sniffing grass

Benji is running round in circles in front of me, and his tail is frantically wagging. There’s a whole variety of scents for him to enjoy and he’s taking the opportunity to smell as many of them as he can while the rest of his family sit and chat on a picnic blanket just inside the shade of a large tree.

His apparently limitless enthusiasm for smells and grass is infectious and he’s making me smile.


I woke up this morning honestly not wanting to do anything. When I looked in the bathroom mirror before getting in the shower I had a rather comical red heat rash that indicated my nice Hawaiian shirt from yesterday’s blog lets through a bit more sunlight than I bargained for. I have a big white unburned seam down the middle of my stomach and the outline of a shirt collar around my neck where the material was double thickness.

If it didn’t itch so much I’d be laughing my arse of at the sight of it – but as it stands it’s just really annoying.

Yesterday the dietary brakes came off a bit in the evening and I ended up having a fourth meal of the day. It was quite large – but salad and free foods – so hopefully I haven’t done any damage. It’s frustrating that one moment I can feel bouyant and energetic, without a thought of food – and then out of the blue I could lick the pattern off the wallpaper just to see what it tastes like.

Although I woke up early this morning (because everything either itched or ached) I really didn’t want to drive to the park. Within a couple of hours my definite ‘no way’ had changed to ‘maybe later‘ and by midday it was ‘I really should get up and make up for last night‘.

The main reason for this slowly modifying motivation was thinking about the belt on my trousers from my photos in Leamington yesterday. The way it hung down had stuck with me in a good way.

Not many things make me feel a sense of pride – and I often diminish my successes when I consider them – but this can’t be denied. When I got my belt the notches were not enough, and with a heavy heart I made a new one, closer to the end.

I’ve since made a lot more notches and they’ve all been in the opposite (and right) direction.

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Six months in the life of a belt.

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Although I had a good loss yesterday it didn’t make itself happen.

Moving my big fat ass was the cause of it – not sitting at home watching TV and trying not to think of the fridge. 

So – time for the park. But what if I walked there instead of driving there and doing laps? It would be better exercise and it also saves petrol.

So I did just that, and now I’m here, sitting in the shade watching the black and white springer spaniel called Benji run around in circles with a little blonde toddler who clearly loves chasing, stroking and petting him.

Dogs are just great!

After sitting watching for a while I got up to move – but something made me turn right instead of left and instead head out of the park. I’d walked the entire length of it from where I entered and now I was by Warwick Castle and St Nicholas church.

I’d never been into the church – probably because I’m not the religious sort, but I do like stained glass windows. Although the iconography means little to me it’s difficult to not appreciate the aesthetic value they have when there’s sunlight streaming through them. I checked with the lady sitting by the small tea room just inside whether it was ok to wander round and take a few photos and she was quite happy – enquiring whether I was ‘into’ stained glass.

I replied that it had started to interest me after my friend did a night school course on it.

When we lived together she made stained glass windows for the tops of doorways in her very first house where I rented a room. The process had fascinated me at the time – although the fact she was smashing glass and bending lead on the living room carpet also temporarily made me a big fan of slippers.

I subsequently lost the interest in interior footwear – but ever since then I’ve really enjoyed looking at the coloured glass and it’s pretty much only this (apart from the occasional wedding or funeral) that will propel me into a place of worship.

The windows were lovely. I’m so glad I stopped to have a look at them!

I really must look up the history of it when I have a moment. Some of the plaques on the wall dated back to the 1700’s, giving the church a real sense of place and time. I am rather ashamed I’ve lived in Warwick for 15 years and never once popped my head around the door for a better look before.

It’s amazing what loosing a bit of weight will do to your inquisitiveness!

After this I had toyed with the idea of catching the bus home from Warwick and making some dinner – but at that moment in time, surrounded by the calm and tranquility of the church I decided that my bus fare would be better off in the collection box and decided to walk back instead.

I deposited my coins by the door as I left and walked out into the sunshine again.

After several stops on benches and walls I returned home (via Sainsburys) with some apples, broccoli and strawberries. I was a bit sweaty but felt much better for going for a walk. Most of my aches had been worked out on the route and I was once again feeling limber.

I set about the business of cooking.

An hour and a half later and I’ve made a chilli (enough for two days), some mini quiches (for snacking here and there) and have a vegetable and red lentil stew on the boil that I put in the slow cooker before going out for my walk. Tomorrow morning I have some strawberries and a banana ready and waiting for my oat and yogurt breakfast. Then I will decide upon some other kind of adventure for during the day.

I have no idea what that is – but whatever it turns out to be – even with the itching and aching it will beat what I was doing before.

Doing nothing sucks.

Internet – I hereby vow I will never ever use any of my old belt notches ever again.



  1. 😀 wow you must lost so many inches by now! Well done. And give yourself a pat on the back for still dragging yourself outside even if you didn’t feel like it. The food looks amazing too. Kudo’s all round I’d say.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Thanks, Davey! I’m thinking about making those in the next day or two. I’m sure the husband will go nuts for them. I can already hear him saying “Pure Gains” (in a positive way, like protein – muscle gains). Thanks again! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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