Club 10 award – NAILED it!

It’s a warm sunny day, and as I promised myself last week I am again walking to Slimming World.

On the way there’s a house with a hedge that’s insanely neat. So neat in fact that it’s an absolute marvel. There’s barely a leaf out of place. The owner has even trimmed it so that it’s grown around (but not obscured) the street sign on the side of his property. I think I’m interested in it primarily because it represents a hell of a lot of effort and time – and I’m impressed by the dedication (or crippling OCD) it must take to maintain.

If there was an appropriate chocolate box on which to place this hedge it would certainly sell a lot of confectionary.

Normally focusing on a point of the journey would happen I was exhausted or needed to rest. However on this occasion I wasn’t gasping for breath. I just liked the trimmed topiary.

(A curly haired ex colleague and fellow Airplane! fan will appreciate this as she knows I’m drawn such things. We’ve discussed them many times in the past.)

In fact something else was on my mind. My teeshirt was falling off my shoulder and it was annoying me. I tugged it up and straightened it around my waist. How crap was I at dressing myself?!

Had I put it on back to front or something?…

I carried on walking past the hedge and on to the nearby church. After a few feet I noticed it was now falling off the other shoulder and realised that I wasn’t in need of a man servant to clothe myself – instead my tee-shirt (previously tight) was now becoming too large. It used to be one of my more ‘fitted’ ones that always required some gentle stretching around the waist area after being laundered.

Pleased with this revelation I decided to work with the off the shoulder look and carry on.

The group was lively this morning and thankfully the ladies didn’t seem to notice my wardrobe malfunction. There were a couple of new starters joining the group this today and a lot of energy – with more people than usual and a few faces I hadn’t seen for a while which was nice.

I was more interested in breakfast though. I hadn’t eaten or taken my pills yet and I wanted a hi-fi bar ready for IMMEDIATELY after I weighed in. I grabbed some (Banana Milkshake will have to do in place of the Jam Roly Poly flavour thats no longer there) logged in with my membership card and moved to the weigh in line.

Now – it might seem like I say this too often, but I genuinely was not expecting any significant progress this week. My perception of the week had (from an eating perspective) been largely negative and (as I shared in group) I had been annoyed with myself less with what I ate, but the quantity and speed with which I ate it. I hadn’t forgiven myself fully for massacring 3 packs of M&S ham pieces, 450g of cherry tomatoes and 6 apples a few nights ago. Sadly this episode had not been isolated – and I comfort ate in the evening on other days too after some really depressing days at work.

I felt therefore like I had been letting myself down and backsliding.

However – last week I did a lot of walking, and sometimes I find exercise losses are deferred for a week. Today’s results once again re-inforced that theory and I lost 6lbs!!!

Not only did I have a great loss – but this figure hit the jackpot in terms of sticker bling, and Angie’s Vegas slot machine of certificates, adhesive labels and fridge magnets just kept paying out. The front of my book (which was virgin territory at 10.30am) was already filling up by midday.

Today saw me get slimmer of the week, slimmer of the month, my three and a half stone award AND MY CLUB TEN AWARD!!!! This means that I have now lost over 10% of my starting body weight, and I’m already on the way to my 4 stone certificate.

Frankly I don’t need any more wins today. I could get my car stolen and I’d still be in a good mood.

As I sat drinking my coffee and munching my hi-fi bar(s) I was also pleased to see was the success of other members of the group – and one (seated close by) was doing better than she had ever done in the whole time of attending SW with Angie. She looked really happy when this was pointed out, and rightly so.

It’s really nice to see the smiles of slightly embarrassed pride on people’s faces when they do well, and it puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day.

Some others were bravely back to face the music and get stuck in again after holidays or weeks off – and I really admire them for staying to group.

It can be very easy to praise others (which they all do online and in the room) but so hard to praise yourself. I discussed this topic as I walked home with one of the ladies, and it’s clear that beating ourselves up but not others is a common trait we all share.

Learning how not to? Well that’s the trick isn’t it?

I’ve not succeeded this week thats for sure.

I knew when my slow cooking Facebook buddy in the group sat with her arms folded listening to the image therapy talk that she was having the same inner monologue I’ve had with myself many many times.

I wonder if it would help her to know how many photos (frikkin lots) I’d taken of the contents of my slow cooker to get just the right shot of my food so that I wouldn’t look like a newbie on Facebook when she checked out my results. She’s got TWO slow cookers and I only have a weeny one – so I consider her the Jedi Mistress of prolonged food preparation.

I probably wouldn’t have made the efforts I did without her tips (half an onion on the bottom under the meat – I’ve not forgotten!)

A good week is just a few filled to the brim slow cookers away! I know she can do it x

Anyway internet – I must get on with the day. Us unemployed people have incredibly busy schedules!!! Later I am meeting up with my brother and sister in law to indulge in the one remaining dirty, impure and depraved vice that I have left.

Coffee. Mmmmmmmmmmm….



  1. Congratulations! 6 lbs is huge! 😀 And so may goals crushed this week.
    We all tend to be our worst critic and it’s not going to be easy to quiet that inner voice. But thankfully, good results do help. Enjoy your victories!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Im doing fine, lost 2.1/2 lb this week – only 2lbs to go for my 4 stone award, your dad did well too, but I wont tell you, just in case he wants to. lol xxx

        Liked by 1 person

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