Given the positives of Saturday I awoke on Sunday in a good mood. 

Sadly, despite it being a day of rest for all sane minded people I had to go to work. However there are worse things than sitting in an air conditioned office for the day, so I planned to make the most of it and do some worthwhile things with my time.

As I was up early I cooked myself some vegetable stir fry, with 4 small new potatoes and 2 salmon steaks and popped it in some tupperware.

Breakfast wise things in the fridge were a bit sparse yesterday morning – and after a rather unfortunate sniff test of some less than fresh bacon resulted in a rush to the OUTSIDE bin (grrrr – waste of money) I was more in the mood for cereal.

It would have to be ‘overnight oats.’  

I tipped the last dregs of my natural yogurt into a tupperware box, added an apple, a handful of blueberries, 35g of oats (thank you fry light cap), a sprinkle of coconut flakes (approx 4 syns), some cinnamon and a spoonful of stevia.

I also took an extra ‘snack’ apple.

It was just as well I planned ahead as thanks to some pre-booked holiday and a few sickies by others I was the only guy in the office on Sunday until later in the afternoon.

I’m not keen on being on my own in the office. It’s really boring when there’s no-one to chat with occasionally or make cups of tea with/for. It makes the day go a lot quicker regardless of what you have going on.

I tend to eat when i’m bored.

However – I could play my music as loud as I liked and there was no-one to complain. So there’s that.

As I munched on my apple later that morning (not long after breakfast) I was thinking about my dad.

It seems like my father is keen to set the example at the moment, and since his own journey with Slimming World is just beginning he wanted to show me on Saturday evening what a plate of speed food really looks like.

It seems I am a rank amateur.

I’ve been trying to ensure that food doesn’t overload the narrow confines of my plate but my dad has other ideas, and is willing to regularly challenge gravity with his evening meal.

However – given the content of his boundary infractions I can’t say he’s doing a bad job ๐Ÿ™‚

IMG_5925 (1)

My Dad has always been a big fan of vegetables – just like me, but shares similar weaknesses for other food. 

His preferred treats are mostly sweet however, whereas my vices are completely savoury. This rule ceases to apply though when you place him in the vicinity of cheese – at which point all bets are off.

I’ve often been afraid that one day he will fall victim to a baited mousetrap, and (unable to resist its cheesy delights) will be found with his neck and arms wedged in one unable to move.

So far however he remains at large and has managed to avoid capture. Long may this escapology continue.

Sadly there was no such plate waiting for me when I got home last night. I was hungry and I’d not really planned my evening meal – despite having items to cook, so I stopped off at the M&S nearby and bought some ham pieces and mini gem lettuces.

Every time I think of ham I think of Angie saying she wraps it round tomatoes.

Everything with speed food.

I do the same with the lettuce and parcel my ham up before it goes in my mouth, as well as drink water. The evening’s ‘cheat’ meal however left me peckish – and I ended up eating 3 (not at once, but irritatingly picking at them later) hi-fi bars and 2 apples, accounting for a further 9 syns.

I know Angie has cautioned against trying to avoid having Syns – but I still view (some of) them as the enemy. There’s always an element of guilt for me after eating one.

Maybe it’s a bit daft to think that way though because I did 13 in the entire day and the rest of it was either ‘free’ or ‘speed’ or a ‘healthy extra’.

Syns worry me though, and I can’t get over this vague feeling of unease about them since reading something on another blogger’s site that resonated with me.

I’ll try to explain what that was…

Per day ladies get 15 syns, men get 20 and extra special guys like me (with more X’s in their shirt size than you) can allegedly do 30.

But what is 30 Syns?

Well – its a large Ginster’s Cornish Pasty (28.5 Syns).

It’s a portion of chips. 440g of chip shop chips are 28 syns. (I bet, just like me you used to take some scales to the chip shop with you. I’d ALWAYS be asking him to take a few chips off until it got to the right weight. Pffft yea. Right.).

It’s less than a portion of medium sweet popcorn at the cinema (Odeon ones are 38 syns! What kind of a freak has a MEDIUM when you can go large for 30p more?!).

It’s 3/5ths of a tub of Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough Ice-cream (11 syns per 100ml gives you 33 syns). But who here hasn’t finished a 500ml tub in one sitting before?)

I honestly do not think that I’d be loosing weight if I ate any of these things regularly, and truthfully I really wouldn’t want to.

I suppose what makes me angry about eating syns like hi-fi bars is that I see it (maybe wrongly – and I don’t want my guilt to affect other people’s success) as a fudge or a cheat. It’s somehow my brain still being unable to come to terms with the fact that the processed ‘foods’ I ate all the time prior to starting Slimming World CAUSED all this in the first place.

I want to get out of the habit of viewing food with the underlying belief that I can still eat the same KIND of things and somehow cheat my way around all of the crap that made me fat to start with.

I don’t view my sprinkle of coconut the same way though. Thats a good syn. Olives are a good syn. I’ve started having a desert spoonful of cod liver oil every day. That’s a good syn (although I still can’t find out exactly how much it is). I need to include some nuts in my diet, which I haven’t so far and will this week (maybe hazelnuts or almonds?). 

They are good syns.

I understand why syns exist. We live in the real world, and its unrealistic to expect anyone starting a healthy living plan to suddenly switch to cress and lentils for breakfast. They just wouldn’t follow the diet.

I wouldn’t. 

I wouldn’t have even started.

I still think longingly about a Double Sausage and egg Mcmuffin when I drive past McDonalds. They’re 28.5 Syns each. I used to have two for breakfast quite often and they’re delicious.

I’m no vegan crusader wanting an organic macro biotic lifestyle.


But who knows what will come of this? My mood changes all the time about food and exercise. I’m becoming a different person bit by bit. Truthfully if syns weren’t there to begin with then I’d probably have struggled to start at all.

Anyway – today is another day. I’m going to prepare my dinner (Chilli con Carne) and breakfast (Overnight oats with Strawberries and Blueberries) for work and start some food in the slow cooker (beef stew) for this evening so I don’t snack tonight. Hopefully if it stops raining I might get a walk around the park in too later.

We’ll see internet. Today seems full of possibility – and hopefully (if I can resist) less syns.



  1. Got to love the big plate of veggies :D. I had to look up the hi-fi bars, but those look absolute delicious and like 3 syns well spent, provided when you have it in moderation of course. I hope you will grow to like the syns a bit more rather than being afraid of them. It seems like you are on the right track though with all the healthy syns. I personally really love to have pistachio’s as a snack (if I have enough calories left ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They are delicious lol – and yes sometimes I have to make concessions to reality and have something nice otherwise I’ll go nuts.

      At the same time I’m also conscious I have a long way to go and I don’t think I’ll get there if I eat Ben and Jerrys ๐Ÿ˜„

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh I know exactly what you mean. For the first period it is vital that you do not let yourself go, or eat what they call “trigger” foods. At least, not until you get the hang of this dieting thing… Although I like popcorn it doesn’t make me crave for other bad food, so that’s a plus.

        Liked by 1 person

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