Set for the day!

Again I woke up early. Although I’ve been sleeping for shorter amounts lately and have been getting higher quality sleep during that period I’m also prone to tossing and turning and mulling things over in my head, whether or not I feel tired when my head hits the pillow. 

Work is playing on my mind currently and I keep thinking about it in my sleep (and most of the day). I’m pretty sure that there’s going to be some kind of formal announcement about the future of our jobs early next week. This will probably confirm what everyone suspects and in the office it’s all anyone can think or talk about. 

It’s written large on many people’s faces. Some are relieved that they will soon know for sure one way or the other, but others are in shock that they may be unexpectedly back looking for work after decades in the same job. 

I’m a bit of both and honestly it changes day by day. Some people are advising me to get out there and start looking for jobs NOW while others are suggesting a bit of time off is a better approach. 

Since I know nothing officially however I’m in worry limbo along with everyone else in the office and we’re just wondering what’s going on. 

So, even though my alarm is set for 9.30am it came as little surprise to me today when I found I was wide awake at 7.15. 

I ached all over. This exercise mularkey has side effects. 

Sure I feel better. Yes my shirts are looser. Ok ok my trousers keep slipping down BUT DOES IT HAVE TO ACHE SO MUCH?!

Clearly it does. 

I climbed out of bed and decided the only thing to get rid of old aches and pains was to occupy my mind with new ones and decided a visit to the shower and a trip to the park was in order. 

I parked in my off road spot nearby St Nicholas about an hour later and got out of my car. 

The weather was dull, grey, overcast, windy and without a hint of sunshine. Just. The. Way. I. Like. It. 

I started my walkmeter app and set off. 

Last time I realised that there is a section with an almost total absence of benches by the skateboard ramps and I unfortunately had this at the END of my previous walk. 

I wasn’t going to make that mistake again. Today the route would be reversed. 

For the most part the approach worked – but I was pretty nailed right at the beginning and everything was still cramping from the day before. 

Still I managed to limp to the first bench and sat there panting. 

Funnily that was the worst part of the walk. After that things became a lot easier and I was hopping from one bench to another quicker today. 

Where possible I also got to the bench I wanted to sit on and then forced myself to slowly move to the next one instead. 

This appeared to cut down my time and move me round the park quite a bit faster. 

By the time I’d reached my car I had walked a mile and a quarter and including breaks I’d done it in one hour. 

The great thing about tracking everything like this is that I can see obvious improvements over time. 

I like technology!

I was back home shortly after and cooked some virtuous food for dinner at work. 

Today I have overnight oats for breakfast with strawberries, blueberries, half a banana, cinnamon and natural yogurt. For lunch I have a pork stir fry with noodles and soy sauce. 

OK then Internet – I’m set for the day. 

Let’s hope work is as invigorating and enjoyable as the morning has been!




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