Good mood shirt

It’s difficult not to be in a good mood on a Friday – and when I’m in a good mood nothing underlines it more than a funky shirt.

Today I put one on that I’ve probably not touched in my wardrobe for about 3 years and that makes me feel great.

For a variety of reasons it also appears to make other people feel good. My friend (who I met at the local Harvester for a Slimming World friendly lunch today) also seemed to be in a better mood thanks to my choice of attire and it was the first thing she commented on when we met.

‘Nice shirt!’ She said, laughing a bit.

‘Thanks!’ I smiled. It was definitely making her happy, so as far as I was concerned it was mission accomplished.

We spend an hour and a half chatting about the usual nuts and bolts of life, and I couldn’t help but mention jobs and mortgages.

I kick myself when I do because I know that I’m focusing too much on it, and I’m finding it REALLY hard not to think about it.

The shirt thankfully came up several times during conversation, diverting me from these often morbid topics and I mentioned to my friend that it represented a minor wardrobe milestone. Some areas still tugged a little, but overall the truth was undeniable. I was inside a shirt with room to spare that looked like it was spray painted on several weeks ago.

She was positive and encouraging and I listened to her thoughts on her own weight loss as I wore my shirt and munched chicken and salad (who said men can’t multi task?)

After a light, portion controlled, lunch (salsa and red pepper chicken stack with baked potato and salad) we had our customary farewell hug (hugs are ace!) and I headed off to the chemist to pick up my monthly bag of diabetic drugs.

I really really like my local pharmacy. I’m not sure if just writing this makes me sound like an old fart or whether in reality I actually AM an old fart, but they’re good people and they now remember me by name which is always nice.

The young oriental pharmacist there is always cheerfully trying to get me to have a flu jab but she never succeeds.

Today the free shot wasn’t a topic of conversation as all three ladies in the shop immediately honed in on my attire.

‘I like your shirt! It’s lovely material! It looks great!’ The pharmacist said quickly with a big smile on her face.

I smiled back and pushed my sunglasses onto the top of my head.

‘It’s getting positive comments today’ I replied ‘and it’s all due to Slimming World. I couldn’t get into it before.’

‘Ohh – which one do you go to?’ She asked, and I told her.

‘That’s Angie isn’t it?’ She replied. ‘She’s great!’

I nodded. ‘She’s really spunky and lively’ I ventured. ‘She’s got a lot of energy – she’s good. Plus my blood sugar’s been in the best shape it’s been for ages!’

‘I know – we suggest a lot of our customers go there – Slimming World is really good for that.’ She replied.

All of the girls behind the counter nodded in agreement and for a while we discussed the diet and how much people had lost and not lost. After a while another customer came in and stood behind me at the counter, so it was time to leave and let them get on with the day.

I said a cheerful goodbye and left the shop.

I’m not sure if all this positivity will translate to good news on Saturday but I really hope so. My food diary looks awesome at the moment so I’m hoping that something nice will take place when I step on the scales tomorrow.

Either way today is not actually just about a funky shirt.

Yesterday it was 4 months without alcohol, and today will be ten years since I gave up smoking!

So, regardless of what happens in the next 24 hours there have been some victories and milestones, and recently I’ve learned that it’s good to remember successes and focus on them to power further positive change.

In January I was continually drunk every day and felt completely hopeless, with food only serving as a crutch, and eaten in huge quantities.

Now I’m not doing either of these things, and I can fit into a shirt again that makes everyone I meet laugh and smile.

Today all of the effort I’ve made to change has combined to make me and others feel good.

That’s not a bad result internet. Not. Bad. At all.



  1. Go Davey GO! We NEED a pic of the shirt! Really positive feelings coming from your blog this week. Your clothes are telling you that you’re shrinking, you sound as if you are feeling the benefits of healthy eating…sod the evil scales of doom! So so proud of your achievements, long may the positivity last! Hugs xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Absolutely loving that shirt Mr L your video made me smile but what im loving more is your positivity…lets hope those scales make us both smile tomorrow.x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love the shirt! 😀 I really love reading your writing by the way. It’s really entertaining. Keep up the good work and hopefully you get an awesome weight loss result this week. You evidently deserve it!

    Liked by 1 person

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