Pew pew!

Well. If I’m honest I sulked a little at the weekend. 

I was mightily annoyed by the result from the scales, and even Angie when she checked my food diary for the week couldn’t see the reason for me apparently  putting weight back on. 

However, shit happens – and it will take more than that to wreck my progress. 

This weekend therefore I’ve been very very careful indeed about what I’ve been eating and have also been working in the garden a bit too for exercise which has got the heart rate up a bit and made me feel better. I have a lot of work to do with the bushes but it’s a start. 

(I refuse to show the ‘before’ photo but trust me when I say this is a massive improvement.)

Once it’s dried out a bit I’ll go over it again at a shorter height to make it a bit neater. 

I also started on the weeds (behind the camera) – which have had a field day in my absence, but now know the bitter sting of weed killer and will think twice about growing in between my patio slabs in the near future. 

Comfortingly I found my mom’s wheelbarrow (rescued from the bungalow some months ago) to be extremely useful – and after carting things easily back and forth was moved to ask myself ‘WHY HAVE I NEVER OWNED ONE BEFORE?!’

(The answer is probably because I hate gardening – but that’s not the point. They are very useful.)

Food intake consisted mostly of salads thanks to the huge amount of fresh veg I ordered with my shopping this week. 

Online grocery shopping is a guilty pleasure of mine – and although I initially started using it for all the wrong reasons (laziness basically) I have come to think of it as the 4th emergency service. 

It’s impossible to impulse buy a day ahead, and you can’t just decide to pick up some crisps if you’re feeling hungry while walking round a shop. 

If done correctly it feeds me for the whole week. I’ve no need to actually spend cash any more and have had the same £40 in my wallet for weeks.

However sometimes they get it wrong. 

This week I ordered 5 bananas so I’d have one a day for work either with breakfast or as a snack. 

This is what arrived. 

Five bags with 4 bananas in each…

Initially I immediately wanted to send them back until the guy on the doorstep told me that the whole lot had come to 48p and the others didn’t have a barcode. 

Without a barcode he couldn’t send them back – so I had no choice but to keep them!

So – in the spirit of friendship (and the lack of a barcode) everyone at work got a banana today, which was a nice beginning to the week. 

Slightly more annoying was the lack of grated carrot on my salad yesterday however – which was not caused by a Sainsburys screw up but a Dave screw up. 

When I purchased the grater with my online groceries I had a choice between a large one with a box underneath or a smaller one. 

I already have cupboards full of crap so I decided to go with the smaller option. 

Incase you’re thinking that’s an absolutely HUGE pouch of microwave rice (hint. It’s not) what you’re viewing is THE SMALLEST GRATER IN THE UNIVERSE. 
At about 6cm high this bad boy appears to be designed so that Hobbits can grate peanuts for their butter. One at a time. 

It’s going back. 

In other news I killed masses of space aliens in Destiny and ranked up to 319 – mostly due to being very angry on Saturday. 

Despite this xenomorph genocide I am confident their numbers will replenish when I get back to killing them later. 

Their deaths are for the greater good, and they take my mind off other things at work and home which will hopefully eventually sort themselves out in the near future. 

Bang, zap, pow Internet! Pew pew!



  1. Well Mr Titmarch good on yer for tackling the garden that will shed a few pounds trust me I know, I had a go at mine yesterday I lost about half a stone in sweat, by the way that grater is a nut grater I know coz Ive got one hun….

    Liked by 1 person

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