Pink head

Today I’m back at work, and it’s safe to say I would much rather be doing what I have for the past week and moving from coffee shop to coffee shop and popping here and there for cups of tea with friends.

However it’s not all bad. My office is nice and cool – and so are the people. Life could be worse!

Last week was an extremely positive one – and my goal of getting out and about more was met, along with catching up with as many of the people that are special to me as I could.

As the weather was nice today (not too hot and a bit overcast – just the way I roll) I decided to go for a walk in my lunch hour and try to capitalise on the work I did walking into Leamington Spa yesterday. I want to begin to increase my diminutive travel radius, and the Arrow Valley Country Park is only round the corner.

Naturally as soon as I arrived at the park all of the clouds disappeared and the sun came out.


I was without sun tan cream, and as mentioned in other blogs I usually burn like desiccated albino in a furnace full of sun lamps. This disagreeable situation continued until I returned to my car half an hour later with a pink head.

Once I sat down and turned on the air conditioning the skies once again became their regulation UK grey colour, and normal service was resumed.



I’m going to have to itch and scratch for the remainder of the day I think, but it was worth it.

However – this is not the theme of my post. The sun can get stuffed.

Normally I would be getting down about how far I managed to get – which today was about 1/3 of the way round before I had to turn back. But I’m not.

I used to be able to get round it a couple of times in a lunch break in 2008, and was regularly saying ‘hi’ to joggers and trying to avoid the local Jehova’s Witnesses (who back then had taken to following people around Arrow Valley on their mountain bikes and talking about religion while they trailed along behind you).

It hasn’t changed much (although the previous threat of pamphlet powered conversion was absent) – and the reason I’m here today is that there are regular pit stops with sturdy metal benches and fences to lean on if my back hurts – which today it did quite a bit toward the end.

To be honest it just feels good to be outside, walking again with other people despite the pain and the sunburn. Also rather encouragingly I’m not the only fat guy out there. There were quite a few large lads (and lasses), all trying to lessen their burdens in life, and there were a few knowing nods between us as I walked from bench to bench.

Initially I was going to try and do an entire circuit (although one third and back is almost the same as three thirds all the way round…) but I’m glad I didn’t as I don’t think it would have been a good idea. I don’t want to pull my calves again. That would just set me back and that’s not the objective here.

That’s a victory I will save for another day.

In other news I’ve had a number of unsolicited high fives from people that I didn’t know were keeping up with my blog over the last few days – and as I’m trying to accept compliments without saying ‘yes but…’ I’d just like to say thanks.

These people took time out to either say they related to my struggle with weight etc or just wanted to give some encouragement. Either way it was a pleasure to talk to them.

It’s really appreciated, and it spurs me on. So you guys rock.


If anyone is also in the same boat reading this – it’s not easy to change your perspective and it requires work but it can be done. People really help – use them – reach out to them and share their strength.

I believe everyone is essentially good, and they keep proving me right. 🙂

So – on the Slimming World menu tonight is a HOOFING great chicken curry which I started making when I got home. Its absolutely Syn free and I’m going to chop up tons of fresh coriander all over it when it’s done and serve it on some fragrant brown Basmati rice.

If you listen carefully you can probably hear it bubbling away behind me. The aroma of Balti spices currently fills my kitchen.

It’s gonna be a good one!

Love and pink hugs internet 🙂



  1. Dave, I don’t comment often, but always read your blog, so thought I better chuck you a high five 🙂 Keep on doing what your doing, your ace

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  2. Dave you’ve motivated me into making more of an effort with my Slimming world journey. I have been Letting things slide and getting very complacent. This led to me putting back on the stone I lost last year. So now I am refusing to buy bigger clothes, I’m back on it like a tramp on (slimming world) chips. Lost 6 pound (I think it was the shorts) so thanks for the motivation you are a good roll model. 😊

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