Re-naming convention

Today has been one that involved zero work, as I decided to follow yesterday’s bank holiday with a few days off, and try as much as possible to spend the time catching up with important people in my life.

With this in mind today I popped over to Coventry to see my friend and her live-wire of a son – who has an insane amount of energy. Its tiring just to look at him! I am jaw-dropingly amazed at how he moves with the speed of thought from one thing to the next without missing a beat.

I’m also in awe of my friend and how she calmly navigates through a billion Lego bricks, grapes, squares of cheese, cups of tea and still manages to look casually fabulous – even with a hoover in her hand.

She’s doing her level best at the moment to get noticed in a crowded creative space online and showed me some fabrics that she’s recently had printed with a view to starting a designer/maker business centred around fabrics for the home (think cushion covers and armchairs). I’m pretty blown away that she manages to design anything at all as well as being a mother and holding down a job at the same time.


If her website wasn’t nice enough then her Instagram feed makes me feel like an ape that through a comical but unfortunate sequence of events came into possession of a camera and learned how to press the button in between bites of his banana.

She’s always had a really wonderful eye for beauty in everyday things (much more so than I ever have) and the designs sitting behind her fabric creations are truly special.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 18.26.03.png

If there was anything that reminded me that I have MORE than enough time in my otherwise peaceful existence to do something new then it was watching my friend with her whirlwind son today and considering her creative output despite the pressures that motherhood brings.

Its not just her – I’m amazed at mothers in general. They kick superhuman amounts of ass.

I genuinely hope that she becomes incredibly rich and famous – and not JUST because I have a signed piece of her work in my living room and need something to boost my pension 🙂

After a couple of hours catching up I headed back home to eat and decide on what to cook this evening.

Angie from Slimming World contacted me today to ask how I was doing with my plan and I have to admit over the last few days I’ve been peckish.

I’m not entirely sure why this is – but at the moment I’m no different.

If I analyse what I’m doing wrong I think I need to drink more water and make sure that I eat regular meals- which at the moment I’m not doing. Although there are three meals a day they are not at the same time every day, and instead I start making them when I get hungry usually.

The unfortunate consequence of this is that by the time I’m hungry I want something Immediately, rather than after I’ve cooked – which is not good. I need to find a way of sorting this out – and maintaining both variety and consistency.

Tonight I’m having a pork stir-fry with noodles. It would have been a bolognese but as soon as I saw the strawberries in M&S today (I know they’re expensive but are sooooooo nice!!!) I completely forgot mushrooms (and baking potatoes).


As well as being forgetful I’m also really undecided at the moment.

Currently I don’t write my blog for anyone in particular. It’s mostly just for me and it’s meant to head off negativity and work through how I feel about anything that I cross paths with instead of engaging in negative behaviour.

As such I’ve not really paid too much attention to what its ‘theme’ is – or indeed if it has one at all. This means the title of it currently has no relation to the content.

Daveywankenobie came from an XBOX gamertag that I’ve had for a decade – and I’ll be honest – when I constructed it years ago I was thinking of Star Wars, not the middle of what the tag would look like.

It wasn’t in fact until a delightful American child in an online game called me ‘Wanky Nobby’ that I realised my faux pas.

I’m sure those that know me think that this was intentional (my sense of humour often has a level of Tourettes that comes as standard) but honestly it was completely by mistake.

So – what would I call this blog if I re-named it?

Well for a start its not what I originally intended it to be, which was to document the transformative effect of resigning from my job unexpectedly and getting a dog. Although at some point I still intend to do the latter, events in life, my emotional state and very well meaning friends’ advice meant that I reversed the first decision.

A helpful work colleague had originally suggested that my blog be called ‘walkieswithmydoggybloggy’. As amusing as this would have been it would also have been entirely misleading three months later, given the lack of pooch in my life.

So – given that I write this for myself primarily, what does it mean to me?

Well – the main thing for me is truth, and wherever possible (when it doesn’t undermine & embarrass others or betray a confidence) this is what I try to write, so that would have to figure in the title.

Its also about self empowerment and improvement – which in a slightly more casual way was part of the original intention, but hasn’t materialised in quite the form I expected. This has to be part of it too – but not in an Anthony Robbins kind of way. I don’t need a square jawed, high fiveing beefcake of a success guru in my life – and I’m not convinced other people do either.


While I’m sure he’s very nice and loves puppies as well as helping little old ladies over the road I’m deeply suspicious of someone that sells the idea that EVERYONE in life can have success.

Which reminds me – A Nigerian Prince e-mailed me the other day needing help with moving currency out of a country. I must get around to replying. I could be a rich man soon!!!

Unlike the muscular motivator with the jaw my hopes and dreams are modest, and don’t involve money.

Maybe as I progress with Slimming World my blog will remind me of where I came from (or where I went wrong) and I hope in some small way it can provide inspiration to other people like me.

All I want from the future at the moment is to be able to look at myself in the mirror and feel that I’m a good person.

As I mentioned in a blog a few months ago I was really taken by a Scroobius Pip track called ‘Get Better’, and if I hadn’t already used that as the title of a post I may have stolen it. However it also implies that I’ve been ill – and I’m not in a hospital bed yet…

I’m going to think about this some more… I do think that daveywankenobie’s days are numbered though…

Anyway – make sure you visit and like my Arty Pickle friend’s site and if you have any thoughts on re-naming my content then let me know in the comments.

I’m not looking for a way to market myself – just to tell it how it is.

Love and fabric designs internet!


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