Gimme some skin

Today I feel good.

I’m not talking emotionally good, although that’s pretty dandy as well.

I mean physically good.

I may be imagining it but there’s a bit of a spring in my step today that can’t be traced back to caffeine and it’s making me feel positive in a variety of ways. I think that even if I’m not loosing weight then I already feel better from a week with a varied diet and cooking everything I’m eating from scratch.

Although it’s not all plain sailing. Chicken skin has been a roadblock to my success. It turns out that I have managed to get to my early forties without ever having skinned any kind of chicken whatsoever.

This wouldn’t normally have been a problem – but a Slimming World suggestion that I pre-cook some skinless drumsticks as a ‘free’ appetite filling snack seemed like a good idea.

I had spices in the cupboard and most importantly an oven. How hard could it be?

Well – it turns out that it’s insanely hard, slippery, messy, frustrating, tiring & potentially dangerous.

Last night I stabbed, scraped and pulled at the skins of ten chicken drumsticks for about 30 mins, shredding the skins beyond repair and leaving a pile of ugly fatty lumps on my chopping board.

This, I decided, was not for me.

Davey wanted to SMASH chicken, not eat chicken after this activity and would not be repeating the debacle any time soon.

Until that was he decided to have a look on YouTube and see whether any other sage like miracle worker had managed to accomplish this seemingly impossible task.

I found this:

Holy crap! How easy was that? She just wrapped and pulled, wrapped and pulled, wrapped and pulled, three times in a row! How had I not known this? How had this knowledge passed me by?!

I resolved to enlighten others,  but when I tried today it seemed like they already knew. Furthermore they had known for years, clubbing together in a secret chicken skin pulling cult and making sure that I was kept in the dark.

The *******s.

In other news I met up for coffee with someone from the self build group this morning which was really nice. We didn’t really talk much about the group itself, and instead spent the time just getting to know each other a bit outside of the confines of what had been a pretty intense four weeks for both of us.

It seemed that we both shared quite a few experiences from childhood, and also a mutual love for dogs – both wanting passionately to find a way to somehow bring them into our daily lives.

Just like my work colleague a few nights ago my new acquaintance had some positive things to say about weight loss when I told him about the events of my first visit to Slimming World, and how low it had initially made me.

He suggested we find a park with lots of benches and stroll around it the next time we met up – which seemed like a nice idea, although maybe (I thought to myself) the time after next!

I was quite honest with him about my problems with calf muscles and exactly how far I could walk without serious pain and discomfort (for regular readers thats currently not very far.) He was sympathetic, and shared that he too could be a lot fitter, and was no good with distance – so maybe we had yet another thing in common.

It seems like a positive endeavour though so I think that will be a short term aim. To get around the park in short hops – however long that takes and regardless of how embarrassing it may be.

Although to be honest, embarrassment is beginning to be something that others feel, not myself.

Whereas before I refused to openly admit the difficulties my size and habits presented – making excuses about activities – now I’m explaining it. Again I shared the full horror of my weight from my run in with the scales on Saturday.

After all, who gives a shit. It’s just a number, and like the catharsis I feel when I write and edit this blog the more I say out loud things that bother me, the less impact they have.

Simply put the more people I tell my secret shame to the less I need to hide, and the more I can exist comfortably in the open.

Plus – I have to get used to the idea of it before Saturday, as I have only one day before my weigh in. I desperately want the universe to be kind to me. I feel like I have been virtuous enough to deserve it – and it should damn well cut me a break.

Anyway, due to circumstances beyond my control (namely chicken drumsticks taking approximately one hour to prepare and cook, then box up) I am late for beddybyes.

Not too late however to post a food pic to get your juices running. A completely Syn free pork, rice and vegetable stir fry that was not only delicious this evening, but will be so again tomorrow as leftovers!


I’m rather liking this Slimming World stuff, and so far it really doesn’t feel like a diet. hopefully that doesn’t mean I’m failing to loose weight…

Only one more day before I know for sure…

Fingers crossed internet!



  1. So what was the recipe for the chicken drumsticks and would it work with chicken thighs? Hope the weigh in goes well.


    1. Well the ‘recipie’ was rip off their skins, cover them in seasoning (I used Chinese spice) and slam them in the oven for 50 mins. My kind of convoluted and complicated cooking 😄


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