Banoffee Instagram

Well – I’m not sure there’s much to say.

I can usually write without thinking and say what comes into my mind, but today is a bit different. At the moment I just feel the need for peace and quiet – and sleep, lots and lots of sleep. Words are not coming easily.

The service went very well, and as seems to be the case lately didn’t go as I imagined it would in my mind’s eye. The Minister did a great job bringing out the lighter aspects of my mom’s history – and was kind and respectful to her memory.

My previously stoic dad was the first to go and unexpectedly started to wobble during ‘Happy Talk’. I put my arm around him while he cried and suddenly started as well – then noticed my brother crying too.

Both Pete and I sobbed heartily  when the minister’s closing prayer finished and ‘My Way’ started as the curtain closed on the coffin.

My sister in law put her arm around me and patted me gently on the back while I got it out of my system. Her hand remained there until the moment had passed, and then she checked I was OK and withdrew.

We slowly filtered out into the rain, said our farewells to relatives and moved on to a more pleasant locale.

I watched my sister in law photographing her decadently dripping Banoffee Pie later at the pub when dessert arrived following a hearty steak lunch (its not a complete meal unless its on Instagram). I turned to my Dad watching quizzically, and then to my brother smiling at her need to capture the culinary moment on film. Time slowed a little bit.

All of us were completely focused on each other.

Isn’t this what the best moments of life are made of? We’ll never get them again, and we better enjoy them while they’re there.

I can’t get over how much I love them all.

For now though I’ve had enough of self reflection. I’m going to bed for a while with the lights off.

Tomorrow is another day.




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