New horizon

imageAfter another chat yesterday with a friend containing advice on self improvement I decided to start walking today and test my horizons.

After getting up early I headed out of my door and pointed myself toward the end of the street with the full intention of doing a lap of the crescent that I live in, returning triumphantly afterwards to a shower and the applause in my head.

My father (staying with me at the moment) was already up and typing away on his laptop. Wordless I put on my headphones and set out of the door. I had a mission.

It seems that my flabby assault force had the objective in sight but lacked the means to take this particular hill on this particular day. I managed the end of the street before the pounding in my chest was too much. My legs were on fire and I couldn’t breathe.

It seems my capable radius (for anyone wishing to escape my wrath in the near future) is approximately 400 metres, so plenty of work to do.

However the the sun was coming up and I felt positive – which was a nice start to the day!







  1. Look at it as 400m more than you did yesterday and a starting point. You’ll soon realise that you’ve gone 500m…600m….

    Full of admiration for you, I’ve always appreciated your advice and wise words.(both those over the hard times in my life featuring my son, drugs and epilepsy and the most recent featuring the recommendation to take the pis!!) It’s about time you listened to yourself! Xx


    1. I’m still puffing and panting lol – but I do feel like I have a small victory under my belt.

      Only annoying thing is I forgot to check on my daffodil – now I’m defrosting the car and it’s too late.

      I do hope that Donna survived the frost…


  2. Every journey (even 400m) begins with a single step…

    ps – was the typo of “radius” to check whether I was reading? 🙂


  3. That’s 400m more than I can do Dave, but when I become a lady of leisure I’ll knock the dust off me trainers, squeeze meself into Tesco leggings and I’ll be off like a rat up a drainpipe, god help me when Ive finished, sofa, glass of wine and the TV to recover me thinks.


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