Get better.

An empty thought is actually pretty large. For something that apparently has no mass it appears to fill an almost infinite space.

My head must have been full of these for quite a while – and when people started to respond to my first blog post I realised that I had been wandering through a world of colleagues and friends with hopes and dreams, amazing life goals and incredible personal challenges that I had no idea about.

Preoccupied with apparently not much at all I’ve not noticed people I see and speak to regularly dealing with autism, personal dependencies, crushing loss, relationship breakups, cancer and noticeably in more than one case a far greater involvement in ‘life’ than myself.

The feedback I got from these people was genuinely interesting, humbling in its generosity, and has prompted me to think of things that I simply hadn’t previously.

One lady told me of a volunteer group where games help people with autism, another about the death of their own parent recently and how much my sudden need to express myself mirrored what he was going through. I’ve been pointed to nutri bullets and a helpful exercise channel on youtube for the more couch inclined amongst us (I’m not alone!). Another colleague suggested that now would be an excellent time to take a photo a day, which would further encourage activity and investigation.

I’m actually doing the last one now, and after a short (tiring) walk on the way home from work I’m sitting by a river constructing this post and trying to think what would be a good photo for the blog. If one gets posted we’ll know whether I was successful.

This decision to do something on the way home was actually reinforced by a chance tune popping up on my iPhone when I hit the motorway. It’s Scroobius pip – Get Better

This was first played to me by a good friend who referred to it as ‘ethical hip-hop’.

The phrase stuck in my head, but so did the lyrics. Honestly they couldn’t be more applicable to how I’m feeling at the moment. The impulse to just ‘be better’ is resonating with me this evening, and there’s nothing better than an anthem to a mood!

Anyway. My father arrives tonight for a visit before the funeral and I have to meet him at the train station. The loveable old fart was as deaf as a post the last time he visited and he’s since had his ears jet washed by his doctor.

I’m very much looking forward to having a conversation with him that the neighbours two streets away don’t complain about 🙂

Good night and get better!



  1. This will be a great anthem for you Dave, play it while brushing your teeth in the morning and sing along in your head, it will become your mantra,
    I know we have spoken at work, but you must know how much we all care for you at att and there will be a space that cannot be filled here after you leave, but it’s not an ending, it’s the start of something great which I hope we can all enjoy along with you.


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